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We Heart Summer Youth Theatre!

By It's My Life on July 12, 2010 2:03 PM | No TrackBacks

Hey, what have you been doing so far this summer? Hanging around? Camp? A family trip? Or just doing your best to stay (a) cool and (b) sane?

Some of you IML'ers might be lucky enough to spend extra time doing a thing you love, like a sport or hobby. We were thinking about what these might be. That's when we remembered that a lot of you are into music and drama, and are hopefully getting a chance to explore that this we took a stroll on YouTube searching for youth theatre videos. Bingo!

If you want to see what some other tweens and teens have been up to, or just need a fix of "Glee"-like fun, here are a couple of our favorite clips.

The WOW Youth Musical Theatre in Weymouth, Dorset in the UK really did wow us with "We Will Rock You" by Queen:

Members of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's Youth Repertory Theatre rehearsing "My Junk" from "Spring Awakening":

It's early in the summer still, so we hope there will be more videos giving us a peek at the amazing productions young people are putting together...all over the world, really. Are you part of an upcoming performance that you'd love other IML'ers to see? Whether it's theatre, music, dance, or anything else you're excited about, write to us and tell us more (we'll post info on the shows so people who live nearby can check them out) and if possible, send us a link to the video online. If you want to write anonymously, you can always use our Write To Us page and leave out your email address.


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