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Summer Theatre listing

By It's My Life on July 19, 2010 4:47 PM | No TrackBacks

We got one calendar listing for a summer youth theatre performance from an IML'er. Keep 'em coming!

Writes Vanya, 12:

"In Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA, there are two summer camp performances on the 29th of July starting at about 6:30 and ending around 9:00. One is a play, called Holka Polka, and one is a musical, called the Point of the Pyramid. I will be in both! I'm the girl with blond hair to her shoulders and blue eyes, plus black rectangular glasses. I'm the sassy witch, Zorka, in Holka Polka. Come if you can! No autographs, please! LOL!"

Thanks Vanya! We hope some IML'ers in the Pittsburgh area can come see your sassy witch in action!

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