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Celeb Scoop: Bella Thorne

By It's My Life on July 23, 2010 5:18 PM | No TrackBacks

image004.jpgIf Bella Thorne's name sounds familiar, that's because you might have seen her as Nancy in the "Max's Secret Girlfriend" episode of "The Wizards of Waverly Place". If her face looks familiar, that's because Bella has been modeling since she was a baby, appearing in tons of print ads and commercials. Pretty soon, that name and that face will come together in a new Disney Channel series called "Shake It Up," which premieres this fall.

Bella, who's about to turn 13, is right on the edge of becoming a huge star. So we were glad to get the chance to chat with her and get to know this multi-talented, energetic, inspirational tween before her life changes in a big way!

IML: Tell us about "Shake It Up." It sounds great!

Bella: It's about two girls who are best friends, CeCe and Rocky. I'm CeCe and Zendaya is Rocky. It's about their friendship and them trying to become lead backup dancers on this show called "Shake It Up Chicago". And they're just testing their friendship in the meanwhile. Plus handling school and boys and life in general.

IML: How are you similar to CeCe, and how are you different?

Bella: I would say I'm very, very similar to CeCe because she's really athletic and she always has an "up" side, she's never a "down" side kind of person. She's always like, "Let's do it! Let's do it again!" She's very tough. Let's just say you can't tell her what she needs to do; she'll just do it. She's very set on what she wants to do and needs to do, and she's going to work for it. And that's exactly how I'm like her. How I'm not like her...well, she's a little boy crazy. I'm not. I'm not allowed to date!

shakeitup.jpgIML: What kind of friendship do CeCe and Rocky have?

Bella: They've been friends for a long time and they always have each other's back. But their friendship gets tested by the experience of being on the show.

IML: Do you and Zendaya get along in real life?

Bella: Yes, very much so! We actually did a commercial together a long time ago, and when I saw her at the screen test, I was like, "She looks so familiar!" and then we figured out that we'd worked together. Now we hang out a lot.

IML: What positive messages and themes do you want viewers to take away from this show?

Bella: I would say that for me, the show's message is that you always need to try as hard as you can, you always need to push yourself. You always just have to be the best that you can be. And if you know that in your heart, then that's all that matters.

IML: That's a great message!  A lot of kids will relate to that. Did you have a lot of dance experience before you got this role?

Bella: I've been dancing all my life, but I never did it seriously. I started three months before I went out for this show, and then I've been taking classes ever since!

IML: What's something really cool and new that you've learned in your dance training?

Bella: A lot of things! Entertaining, for instance! I've learned how to dance really, really fast. And hip-hop, very, very hard hip-hop.

IML: Do you have to wear knee pads?

Bella: Yes! And elbow pads! Once I got all bruised up, and they were like "Get her some pads!"

IML: What's a typical day like for you? How do you fit everything in between work, and friends, and school, and everything else?

Bella: It's very different if I'm not on set. If we're not shooting, then I sleep in, I do schoolwork. I eat, I dance, I do some art and make some clothes with my sister, spend time with my mother and my family, then I go to two dance classes, then I come back home and eat dinner, watch a show, and then I go to bed. But if I'm on "Shake It Up," it's like, wake up really early, hustle your bustle, get ready and make sure you look good before you go to set. You practice dance, eat on set, you do lots and lots and lots of schoolwork, you do blocking, you shoot. It's just a really crazy day. I go home, take a shower, then I get into bed and watch a movie and fall asleep...And then do it all over again the next day.

IML: The show premieres in the fall and people are already getting excited about it. Once it's on the air and hopefully becomes a big hit, you may find yourself in a pretty bright spotlight for the next few years. Do you feel like you're ready for that? Have you learned anything from watching the careers of other Disney Channel stars?

Bella: I've learned what NOT to do. You really just have to be yourself through everything, no matter what somebody says. I guess I learned that from watching these careers. I think I'm ready for it...and I can't wait!

IML: That's good! So if you find yourself a real model to other young people, what would you like to do with that opportunity?

Bella: I've always wanted to be a role model to somebody, so I feel like this could be a great opportunity to show myself to the world. I'd like to help other kids with dyslexia, because I'm dyslexic. It was very hard, and I know that what I went through, other kids are going through. I think that everybody needs somebody to really look up to and know that even though you're going through a tough tie, you'll get over it.

IML: How do you keep up your friendships with this crazy schedule?

Bella: We always meet up at dance...Dance is where I get to see all my friends. We also go out to movies when I'm not working, or bowling, or they come over and we paint. And barbecues! I definitely have time for friends, and I'm glad.

IML: You have three siblings who are also actors. How do you all get along?

Bella: We're a really close, close family. My sister Dani used to share a room with my other sister Kaili and she was sleeping in my room for a while, so I asked her to move in to my room. So we're roommates right now and it's like a sleepover every night. And I love my brother Remy...they're always weird, those brothers, but you gotta love them!

IML: Do you and Dani ever have room-sharing issues?

Bella: Not really, fortunately. Dani and I are very different in our own ways but we love the same colors, like aqua and pink. My room is pink, pink, PINK! I wanted to paint splatter it aqua because I"m big on paint splattering, but my mom said no. I can understand how other kids have problems like that. Sometimes you disagree, and you have to disagree to really keep friendship and family. Because if you're all so perfect all the time, it just doesn't make sense!

IML: What else do you like to do in your spare time, besides painting?

Bella: I love to do soccer. I'm actually really good! I'm not so good at basketball. I love to sew with my sister Dani. We always make clothes.

IML: How cool! Do you sketch out a design first?

Bella: Sometimes we'll sketch out something and sew it together, then we'll fix it, and wear it and see how it fits, and wear it it's a bunch of steps. We do weaving and stretching...I wore one of my shirts to rehearsal today and the choreographer was like, "I'm bringing you a shirt to do!" I love to sew and sketch. Not people, I'm not so good at people. I'm good at objects and rooms. And I love to paint. And I love to sing! I'm taking guitar lessons and I'm going to take piano lessons, because I think the piano is so amazing and beautiful.

IML: It seems like you're into a lot of different things!

Bella: That's another way I'm like CeCe. We both want to try all different kinds of things and really experience life full-out. If you hold back, like they said, in 30 years you might be like, "Why didn't I take piano?"

IML: Is there a cause you're really passionate about?

Bella: These days I'm starting to get into the Humane Society and wildlife organizations. With every check I get, we donate a percentage. We also go to the local pet shelter and give food, blankets, and toys. I love to go and pet the animals and give them some love...I love the kitties so much! That's why we have so many pets...

IML: Uh, how many pets do you have?

Bella: Um...a lot! My mom thinks we have too many. But when I'm older I'm going to get a big house and the outside it going to be really gated so the cats can't get over the fence. It's going to be a sanctuary for cats and kittens, and I can give them all the love they need!

IML: That's a great goal! One more question: what would people be surprised to learn about you?

Bella: Hmmm...well, I read insanely a lot! I read a 430 page book in two days...I'm just reading constantly. I just love reading. I'm a fanatic. Every time we go to the store I get a bunch of books.

IML: What have you read recently that you loved?

Bella: There's a book called "Fang," it's about winged children and it's really awesome. I also like "Ghost Girl," "39 Clues," "Emily the Strange," and "Hex Hall."

IML: You do read a lot!

Bella: It's how I overcame my dyslexia. Reading...and work.

IML: Bella, thanks for chatting with us! You have a lot of good things ahead of you and it sounds like you deserve them all. We're very excited to see the show!

Bella: Thank you so much!

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