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Playing the Celeb Crush Game with Team Edward and Team Jacob

By It's My Life on June 24, 2010 1:06 PM | No TrackBacks

"Eclipse" is almost upon us.

eclipse.jpgSome of you just went, "OMG, I'm counting the days!" Some of you are just like, "Whatever" ...and then some of you made a little gagging sound.

Sad to say, this time IML does not have interviews with the movie's stars. We're excited to see "Eclipse," though, and we liked the book. One of the things that has always fascinated us about the "Twilight Saga" is that before anyone even cast Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner as Edward and Jacob, there were readers totally crushing on these characters. Even feeling like they were in love with them, and choosing sides on Bella's behalf. Although we've never felt that the Twilight books were the best-written ones out there for tweens and teens, Stephenie Meyer has managed to create these two guys who just hook readers' hearts and draw them in. That doesn't happen very often.

Now with the "Twilight" films, fans can crush not just on Edward, but on Rob. You can have pictures of Rob as Edward all over your locker and wear him on a T-shirt. You can read and watch interviews with him, and learn more about this shy and humble and seemingly very sweet guy, and let your imagination run amok with thoughts of what he'd be like as a boyfriend.

Of course, celeb crushes have been around for ages. From James Dean and Elvis Presley, to Sean Cassidy and New Kids On The Block...every generation and every time period has its "teen idols." If you want a laugh, or just get grossed out, ask your mom or grandmother who she had a crush on when she was your age. This type of crush -- even when it veers into obsession -- is usually harmless and even a good thing. It's how we first start exploring our feelings about love and attraction. For more advice from IML on this topic, check out our page on Celeb Crushes (And giggle at our slightly outdated examples; we wrote that a long time ago. 'N Sync!).

In the meantime, what we're curious about is how much the crushability of Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson can be separated from the crushability of Jacob and Edward. Would Taylor fans like him as much if he'd never portrayed Jacob? Many of them probably wouldn't have "discovered" him, but if he weren't associated with "Twilight" in any way, would he be as wonderful-seeming? If Rob were to play an absolutely horrible, villainous person in his next movie, would his fans adore him any less?

And the bigger question: How long after the final film, "Breaking Dawn" disappears from movie screens and the press will Rob and Taylor's status as "teen idols" fade? Who will take their place?

Tell us: Who's your celeb crush? Why do you think you're drawn to this person? What do you think you've learned about yourself by choosing him or her?


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