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Greyson Chance...Was It By Chance?

By It's My Life on May 14, 2010 5:18 PM | No TrackBacks

Surely you've seen the video by now. Almost 12 MILLION people have!

Oklahoma sixth-grader Greyson Chance sang "Paparazzi" for his school talent show but maybe he should have sung "Fame" instead...because that's what he's getting. Like, instantly. (Just add YouTube, mix, and ta-da!)

First of all, let us just say that Greyson's Lady Gaga cover is acoustic awesomeness indeed. This guy clearly has loads of talent. A sweet, funny, down-to-earth personality too, judging from his interview with Ellen Degeneres. We love his original songs "Stars" and "Broken Hearts" that you can also watch online. (We also love the wall of girls watching him in the video. You just know they're all quietly like, "OMG!!!!!")

But is there anything that sets Greyson apart from any one of the many, many gifted tweens out there who share their passion and performances with the world? Is Greyson just a kid who sang a song, put the video online, and somehow magically grabbed millions of views in a couple of weeks? Or is there something truly special about him, so special that nobody else doing a cool piano version of "Paparazzi" would ever make the same splash? What do you think?

There are a lot of people out there trying to figure out why one thing goes "viral" online and becomes a huge hit, while another thing doesn't. Maybe it just takes the right people discovering and sharing it; maybe you have to come up with the right thing at the right time. For instance, maybe Greyson's success is related to the fact that (1) Lady Gaga is fiery hot right now, (2) Justin Bieber, who he slightly resembles, is fiery hot right now, (3) "Glee" is fiery hot too so that any young person who sings their heart out and does it well will really strike a nerve, and (4) "American Idol" is NOT fiery hot this season and there haven't been any contestants to get people excited.

Greyson put his video online because he loves to perform and wanted to share his passion with the world. We hope that other young people will do the same for the same reasons, and not focus on the possibility of insta-fame. Here at IML we'll be searching the Web to bring you videos from young people that we find inspiring, and might be just as deserving as attention as Greyson's. And in the go, Greyson! Thank you for letting us enjoy your talents. You truly do rock!

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