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Celeb Scoop: Sean Kingston

By It's My Life on May 28, 2010 2:32 PM | No TrackBacks

sean_with_yogmascot.jpg2010 has been a big year so far for Sean Kingston. In February he turned 20, and in March his single "Eenie Meenie," recorded with some guy named Justin Bieber, became an instant hit.

What you may not know is that Sean also had the honor of being chosen one of five young artists to sing the theme song for the first-ever Youth Olympic Games to be held in Singapore this August!

Yes, you read that right: the Youth Olympic Games, which will bring together 5,000 athletes aged 14 - 18 from 205 countries to compete in 26 different sports. Do the math, and that adds up to one extremely cool event that's bound to be entertaining and inspiring. The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games theme song, called "Everyone" debuted on June 1.

Recently, Sean spoke to IML about being part of the Youth Olympic Games and other highlights of his life right now.

IML: Hi Sean! So we understand that five singers were picked to sing the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games theme song, one for each continent symbolized by the Olympic rings. Can you tell us how you got involved?

Sean: I got a call from my manager that they wanted me to represent as a singer for North America. That's something big, and I was so excited to go down there and do it! It was so fun to see and connect with the other artists. We recorded the song, and it was just really crazy. You have singers from different countries on the song: a guy from the United Kingdom, and girls from Africa, Australia, and Malaysia. I'd never met any of them, but they're all artists who are big in their own countries. It was a great honor for me to represent the United States in this way.

(IML's note: The other artists are Steve Appleton, Jody Williams, Jessica Mauboy, and Tabitha Nauser.)

sean_themesong2.jpgIML: What was it like working with this variety of artists? Did everyone have different styles?

Sean: Definitely! Everybody had different voices and the way they each do their thing is really different. So for me to come through as a reggae artist with my type of tone in my voice, it was weird at first but we made it happen and I had a great time. It opened my eyes to different vocal styles.

IML: So you had some differences, but what were some things that the five of you had in common?

Sean: The main thing was that we're all young...Everybody was a teenager. We found ourselves talking about high school stuff we could all relate to. And we all write our own music, so we had that in common too. They were writing their own albums like me.

IML: Tell us about the song itself. Does it have a message?

Sean: Yes, a great message! The song is saying, anybody can do it. Not just in sports, but life in general. Rise up and come together. Have determination. Don't give up.

IML: What's your favorite Olympic sport?

Sean: I love track and field. I'm from Jamaica, so that comes naturally!

IML: Are there any sports you do personally?

Sean: In high school, I played football. But now I play basketball. I go to the gym, I shoot around. I'm a huge basketball fan. I'm really into the playoffs right now!

IML: It's great to have something like that. What do you feel basketball added to your life?

Sean: It helps me get in shape, definitely. It's a workout for me but it's also about having fun. I just want to get the ball in the hoop. I get to hang out with my friends when I'm playing. It helps me ease my mind from the music industry when I'm having fun on the court.

IML: Congrats on the success of  "Eenie Meenie." What was it like to collaborate with Justin?

Sean: It was definitely great to hook up with somebody I could really relate to. People do collaborations all the time, but to really connect with someone I have a relation to and who's a personal friend behind the scenes, that was great. Me and Justin have been cool for a long time. The relationship we have works in many ways. He's the new generation, the new thing. I was where he is a couple of years ago. I got in the game when I was 17 and I'm 20 now. I'm kind of like a big brother to him. To do that song together was definitely a magic moment. It was great and we had a lot of fun!

IML: Did you have any advice for him at this point in his career?

Sean: Basically I told him to stay humble. Stay positive and watch out for negative people around you.

Thumbnail image for seankingston.jpgIML: Great advice! What other artists do you plan to collaborate with?

Sean: I'm hooking up with Nicki Minaj. I'd love to do something with Taylor Swift. I'm just trying to connect with a lot of different artists. I'm basically trying to take this music thing to another level with the album I'm working on now. I'm trying different new sounds and different concepts.

IML: Now that you're 20, does it feel like this album is your first grown-up album?

Sean: Yeah. This is my grown up album. It's a stepping stone to a new Sean. I have to let people know to get ready for it because while I was a teenager, I was doing what I was doing because it was a part of me, and even though I'm still a fun kid and I'm not going to change to another genre, I'm going to take things to another level.

IML: We love to ask this next question because most IML'ers are going through it right now. What were you like in middle school?

Sean: I was always into music. I loved riding four wheelers and stuff like that. I had a little dirt bike and I loved riding it. I was and still am a huge gamer, really playing Playstation and XBox. And I used to love cartoons like Pokemon!

IML: It sounds like you were a pretty typical tween!

Sean: Yes, definitely!

IML: Thanks, Sean, and good luck with everything!

Sean: Thank you!

Here's some more info on the Youth Olympic Games:

  • Sean and his new pals will be performing "Everyone" at the opening ceremonies in Singapore on August 14, 2010 (hear the song and see the video below!). The games run from August 14-26, 2010.

  • The competition plans to include new formats like mixed gender grouping and mixed National Olympic Committee teams.

  • In addition to competing in their sports, the young teen athletes will also take part in a Culture and Education Program. The goal is to inspire youth around the world to embrace, embody and express the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.

  • You can visit to learn more about the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games!

And here's the official video for "Everyone"! It's really inspiring (and a great song too):

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