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Watching the Olympics - "With Glowing Hearts"!

By It's My Life on February 19, 2010 7:22 PM | No TrackBacks

Are you watching the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics? We are! Even though we don't normally watch sports like skiing, figure skating, snowboarding, and luge, how can we not get caught up in the athletes' stories?

medals.jpgIt was wonderful when Lindsey Vonn realized a lifelong dream and became the first U.S. woman to win the downhill, and inspiring when mogul skier Alexandre Bilodeau snagged Canada's first Winter Olympics gold on home soil, and so romantic when pair figure skaters Hongbo Zhau and Xue Chen stood together at the top of the podium after 18 years of being partners. Shaun White manages to be the best in the world at his sport and also a really sweet guy, and Evan Lysacek's look of joy when he realized he'd won the men's figure skating competition was something that we'll never forget.

Yes, it's great to win. Medal counts are fun to keep track of. Victory and success is so darn inspiring!

But we find the Olympics to be even more enjoyable to watch when you keep in mind their true mission and purpose. The Olympics are meant to be an arena for amateur athletes worldwide to come together and perform their personal best in competition; the keyword being "amateur" -- from the Latin amator, or amare -- to love. So in spirit, the Olympic games are played for love of the sport. The Vancouver 2010 motto of "With Glowing Hearts" sort of says it all for us.

The TV news coverage doesn't spend a lot of time on athletes who come to the games with no hope or expectations of a medal. They come because they love what they do, and they want to give it their all and challenge themselves. Sometimes that effort results in something shiny hanging around their necks, but more often it does not. And that's inspiring in a much more important way. The Olympics remind us that it's who you are -- your attitude, your commitment, your determination -- that matters more than what you can do, or what wins and losses happen that might be beyond your control.

When Lindsay Vonn fell during the women's super combined and was disqualified from the race, she said in an interview: "I'm not walking away disappointed, because all I can do is my best." It's that attitude that really lifts our spirits, and makes Lindsey a winner for us!

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