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Thoughts on Taylor Swift

By It's My Life on February 1, 2010 6:06 PM | No TrackBacks

With last night's Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift can officially change her name to Taylor Sweep. Because she has completely ruled this past year, winning pretty much every award and honor the music industry (and media) can come up with. Beyond all the accolades, the girl is just everywhere.

taylorswift.jpgJudging from some of your comments on the You Said It boards, that's not necessarily a good thing. There seems to be a definite Taylor backlash out there. Some people think that many fans like her simply because everyone else does and they're following a trend. Some say her music is not real country but just "bubble gum pop," and others are saying she's not a good influence on young people because all she sings about is boyfriends and breakups. Those observations are true in many ways.

So we tried to take a good look at Taylor Swift and what she's really about. It's easy to be cynical about a person who's clearly been gifted with many talents, from writing (she did win a national poetry contest in 4th grade, and wrote a novel when she was in middle school) to comedy and acting, to of course writing and performing music. Do you know someone like that at your school -- someone who just seems to be good at everything (and date the hottest guys too)? Do you maybe wait for that person to mess up somehow? To fail, to get burned, to get taken down a peg? It's natural to feel that way and sometimes we think some of the Taylor Swift criticism comes from that place.

What we like about Taylor is that from a very young age, she seems to have stayed true to who she knows she is. She did not let rejection or pressure keep her from doing exactly what she wanted to do, and focused on songwriting as the thing that was important to her. It's cool that Taylor writes about very personal experiences and isn't afraid to share them with the world, and it's cool that she's had the same loyal BFF since 9th grade and donates much of her time and money to various charities. She seems like a nice person and we'd love to share a smoothie with her.

In the end, she's not any different from any other entertainer. Some people will love her, some people will not, and some people won't care one way or another. She'll probably be around for a while and won't always be so successful. One day, Taylor will likely make a record that's kinda lame. And that'll be okay, because that will mean she's only human...and that year there will be someone else who sells a gajillion albums and wins 500 awards, and Taylor will feel jealous and cynical about that person the way some people feel about her right now.


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