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By It's My Life on February 2, 2010 2:59 PM | No TrackBacks

Yes, we still really like The Jonas Brothers (okay, we HEART them!). Their Disney Channel series "JONAS" continues to be funny and charming and, we think, the best written of all the DC shows. It does make us want to break out some old VHS tapes of "The Monkees," which was clearly the inspiration here (if you have never seen "The Monkees," we urge you to take care of that right away).

IHeartJonas_Photo_02.jpgWe blogged about the first DVD release of "JONAS" and now there's a new one, "I HEART JONAS," that compiles seven episodes which, strung together, tell the tale of Joe and the brothers' childhood-friend-slash-wardrobe-stylist Stella realizing slowly -- very, very slowly -- that they sort of, well, like each other. That way. These episodes show off Joe at his goofiest (not counting that "Single Ladies" video), as in: meeting Queen Elizabeth in a sparkly Sergeant Pepper outfit, paralyzed by stage fright in a school production of "The Three Musketeers," trying to perform on national television with laryngitis, and eavesdropping while hiding in a garbage can. The DVD also features a cute "You've Just Been JoBro'd!" segment with Jordin Sparks.

It is sweet to watch Joe and Stella ping-pong back and forth on their feelings and actions towards each other, and the final episode does not disappoint in the "Finally!" department. Does it resemble anything you've experienced when it comes to that situation? You like someone as a friend, and they like you...but is there more? How do you explore that without ruining the relationship? It's super tricky and almost everyone goes through it; see what other IML'ers have to say on the Crush On A Friend and Opposite Sex Friends YSI pages.

There are no easy answers in that subject, but it's always fun to see the Hollywood treatment. We'll leave you with this moment from "I HEART JONAS":


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