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Celeb Scoop: Mirai Nagasu

By It's My Life on February 24, 2010 3:10 PM | No TrackBacks

Last night two Americans made their debut on the Olympic stage: 17-year-old Rachael Flatt from Colorado and Mirai Nagasu, 16, from California. Both young women weren't "expected" to medal in the ladies' figure skating competition...but both performed wonderfully in the short program. Rachael hit a personal best with her routine and Mirai didn't let a nosebleed ruin her concentration. You go, girls!

mirainagasu.jpgIt's really fun to watch teens from all countries in a competition like this. But do you wonder, like we do, if they're missing out on a normal life? How do you deal with all the challenges of friends, crushes, family stuff, and high school when you're also a world-class athlete?

Last year, IML got the chance to talk to Mirai Nagasu about this. She was "just" the U.S. National Champion back then...but we knew we'd be seeing her at these Olympics. Even if you're not a big figure skating fan, she is amazing to watch (especially those spins!). We hope you'll check out our interview with Mirai, and we'll be rooting for her tomorrow night during the competition finals!

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