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Book Review: "Serafina67 *urgently requires life*"

By It's My Life on February 26, 2010 6:19 PM | No TrackBacks

You may have your own blog, and if you don't, you probably have a friend or two (or two hundred) who does. Have you ever written about something that shouldn't have been made public? Ever been the subject of a blog post meant to hurt your feelings? Ever read a blog that made you think, "Maybe my life's not so bad after all?" If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you'll definitely relate to "Serafina67 * urgently requires life*" by Susie Day (Scholastic).

serafina67.jpgSarah (blogger name Serafina67) is 15 years old and living with her recently-divorced mother in a townhouse outside of London. Poor Sarah has a LOT on her plate in addition to the normal teenage worries about school, friends, and how she looks in skinny jeans. Not only have her parents recently split, but her dad's getting married again, to a woman Sarah fondly refers to as her "stepmonster." In addition to that, she's got a best friend who's a bulimic, a rockstar boyfriend who may be perfect or may be cheating on her, and she's got to deal with her mom's new (creepy) boyfriend. Last but not least, she's seeing a therapist because of something just referred to as "The Incident" in most of the book, which tells us there might be more behind Sarah's lighthearted, self-deprecating blog posts than it seems.

"Serafina67" is a funny and fast read. It's really fun to follow the blog posts and figure out who's who, as well as watch Sarah's blog get more popular as she gets new readers who she doesn't even know (or so she thinks). Although the book's very entertaining, sometimes it reads a little too quickly, in that events and emotions whiz by before you can really tell what happened or have time to process everything. Sarah could've slowed down the LOL's and OMG's a little bit to actually talk about what was going on and the book would not have lost any of its humor or entertainment value; it just would've been more memorable.
IML's Rating: B+

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