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Book Review: "Louder Than Words"

By It's My Life on January 11, 2010 4:53 PM | No TrackBacks

Thumbnail image for marni-cover.jpgOne of our biggest hopes is that IML is a place for tweens to share their life experiences. By doing that, you're not only able to connect with people who've gone through something similar, but also learn about stuff that happened to others.

Recently we discovered a series of books that's a little like IML in that way. "Louder Than Words" (HCI Books) is a new three-book set of memoirs written by real teens. In one, called "Marni," the author tells us about having trichotillomania -- the compulsive need to pull out one's own hair and eyebrows. "Emily" is written by a young Mennonite and girl who spends her senior year of high school suffering from West Nile virus.

chelsey-cover.jpgThe most heartbreaking one (for us) is "Chelsey." Chelsey, who lost her mother to leukemia when she was 6 years old, goes through the unthinkable when her dad is murdered just before her 14th birthday. The story of Chelsey's grief, and her journey into becoming a writer as a result, is a fast, incredible read.
Maybe you'll recognize something of your own life in Marni's, Emily's, and Chelsey's stories...maybe you won't (and be a bit thankful for it). Either way, these are the kinds of books that teach us, move us, and make us all feel a little less alone.

The books were edited by Deborah Reber, author of the blog Smart Girls Know. You can read more about the series, watch interviews, and find out how to apply to be a future "Louder Than Words" author at

IML's Rating: A

And to all of you who open up to us and other IML'ers about the many things you go through in life -- thank you! Keep it coming!

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