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Be The Beat!

By It's My Life on January 5, 2010 4:26 PM | No TrackBacks

It's kind of an unthinkable situation: someone you're with -- a younger sibling, a babysitting charge, a grandparent, a friend -- loses consciousness and stops breathing, and it's up to you do perform CPR until help arrives. Hopefully, you've gotten CPR training at school, a Red Cross course, or some kind of youth group. If you have, do you remember what you learned? If you haven't...would you feel better if you did know some of the basics?

bethebeat.jpgThat's the idea behind Be The Beat, a Web site created by the American Heart Association. It features videos that teach different forms of CPR, a virtual tour through a 3-D animated version of the heart, video games, interactive quizzes, a downloadable playlist of 100-beat-per-minute songs (100 beats per minute is the correct rate for chest compressions during CPR), an free printable goodies.

Seems like a pretty fun way to learn how to save a life!

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