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Merry Christmas from IML!

By It's My Life on December 25, 2009 1:44 PM | No TrackBacks

It's Christmas. That means different things to different people. Sometimes we're surrounded by people we love, sometimes we're not. Sometimes we're doing something we enjoy, sometimes we're not. Sometimes we're in a place we want to be, and sometimes...we wish we could just beam ourselves to anywhere but here.

However you're spending this holiday -- whether you celebrate it big, small, or not at all -- we at IML wish you all the good stuff that Christmas can mean. You know, stuff like love, generosity, kindness, and appreciating what you have in life. If you're struggling to find anything worth feeling jolly about, then we hope you'll do one nice thing for yourself before the day is over. Take a walk. Call a friend. Write in a journal. Or just take a long look in the mirror and notice how you've changed since last December 25th.

We know we feel lucky to have you all, and it makes us feel very warm and merry. :-)


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