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National Wildlife Federation's "Be Out There" Campaign

By It's My Life on October 8, 2009 5:19 PM | No TrackBacks

Here's a kinda-sad, kinda-scary factoid: today's kids spend twice as much time indoors as their parents did. Considering your mom and dad didn't have computers, video games, or a thousand TV channels at their disposal, that sounds about right. These things are cool and often valuable additions to our lives, so does it matter if we're not outdoors as much as we could be? According to the National Wildlife Federation, that means we're losing a connection to the natural world that can benefit our minds and bodies as well as school performance and family togetherness. 


The NWF wants you to get out of the darn house, so they've teamed with the upcoming feature film "Where the Wild Things Are" to launch Be Out There, a national campaign to get families and kids to spend daily time outdoors for their health, happiness and well-being.  Directed by Spike Jonze and based on Maurice Sendak's classic book, "Where the Wild Things Are" is the story of a young boy who feels misunderstood at home and escapes to the island of the Wild Things. Be Out There aims to show kids how they can connect with nature in their neighborhoods, schools, and communities, and view the outdoors as a play space where it's ok to just be - free to imagine, discover, and daydream.

You can visit to get ideas for outdoor fun, download a National Wildlife Federation "Where The Wild Things Are" poster, and find out how to be part of National Wild Rumpus Day.

Do you think you spend enough time playing outside? What's your favorite outdoor game or activity (that's not a sport)? Tell us, and maybe it'll inspire other IML'ers to create a wild rumpus!

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