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DVD Review: "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure"

By It's My Life on October 29, 2009 6:00 PM | No TrackBacks

What? Are you surprised we're reviewing "Tinker Bell"? Is it too babyish?

Tink Evolution 10.jpgWe thought it might be, at first, but then we thought again. IML'ers talk a lot about this on the You Said It pages and have even sent in questions to our Advice section. When you're a tween, you're kind of stuck in the middle of different kinds of entertainment. Much that's aimed at "kids" is still fun for you to watch, and even if you don't plan on watching, you may have to if you've got younger siblings. You might also feel pressure to focus on TV, movies, and music that's aimed at older tweens and teens even though you still like the "little kid" stuff (but are embarrassed to admit it). It's interesting to think about why certain things, especially characters, are seen as too immature. Can you still enjoy something even though the company that produced it has decided to market it most heavily to viewers who are younger than you?

That's why we say, go ahead and enjoy the new "Tinker Bell" movies! Last year, the first film served up a fun and fanciful version of Tink's origin story, introduced us to the fantasy world of Pixie Hollow (clearly the coolest neighborhood in Neverland), and offered a colorful cast of all new fairies. And actress Mae Whitman did a wonderful job with a tough assignment: voicing a character that people have loved for more than 50 years. Maybe you outgrew the princesses long ago (or were never into them in the first place), but these fairies are strong female characters who care about much more than when their prince will come.

Now Tink and her fairy friends are back in a new installment on DVD and Blu-ray, "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure." In the story, our favorite tinker gets an assignment befitting her talents: she's asked to construct the Autumn Scepter to hold the priceless Moonstone, a magical gem that is essential to producing the rare blue fairy dust, which nourishes the all-important Pixie Dust Tree. Got that? No? Well, don't worry, because this is all just an excuse for Tinker Bell to go off on a perilous and exciting adventure, meet some new friends (including a cute firefly named Blaze), and, hopefully, save the day just in the nick of time.

But even the adventure is secondary to the real heart of the movie: Tinker Bell's friendship with Terence, a handsome pixie dust fairy who's clearly crushing on her. This movie is, at its core, the story of two friends who love being together, often get on each other's nerves, occasionally fight, and sometimes need to break up for a while...Just like friends in the real world do. Friendship isn't an easy path to travel, as Tink learns. There are ups and downs, and stops and starts, but in the end true friends always get back together, because they remember the things that brought them together in the first place. Sound familiar?

The DVDs and Blu-ray discs feature some funny extras, including "bloopers" and a music video of Demi Lovato performing the movie's theme song, "Gift of a Friend." Check it out!

We hope you'll tune out the voices that tell you you're "too old for this stuff"...and even if you are, really truly, too old for this stuff, this is a great movie to watch with younger sibs or if you're babysitting.

IML's Rating: A

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