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Book Review: "The Unfinished Angel"

By It's My Life on October 15, 2009 5:58 PM | No TrackBacks

Do you believe in "angels"? Maybe your idea of angels is tied to your established faith or spirituality. Maybe you just imagine cherubs with wings or women in long gowns, like you've seen in paintings. Or perhaps to you, an angel is just some unseen force that watches over us and comes to help when it's needed most. The idea of angels has been around since the beginning of civilization, and represents that part of us that's just good, plain and simple.

unfinishedangel.jpgIn "The Unfinished Angel" (HarperCollins Children's Books), author Sharon Creech lets a real "live" angel do the talking. And what talking he/she does! The first thing you'll notice (and love) about the book is the funny, not-quite-grammatical voice of this unnamed being, who's lived for centuries in an ancient stone tower in a tiny Alpine village. Our angel feels untrained and without a mission, doing what he/she can to help the locals but generally fed up with people, until a young American girl named Zola moves to town with her father. Zola is unique in many ways, including her ability to see and hear the angel...and in the end, inspire the angel to make some extraordinary things happen.

"The Unfinished Angel" will make you giggle and wonder if maybe there's an angel in your neighborhood, "flishing" into the heads of people as they sleep and making things generally okay. We love that this angel has insecurities and pet peeves just like everyone else. Zola's character is so interesting and entertaining, we wish we understood a little more about her and where she's coming from. It actually feels like this book could be longer and the story more involved, especially with such wonderful personalities populating it. But if you're feeling unlucky or just kind of annoyed by life, this is one quick read that will lift your spirits and help you discover the magic in seemingly small acts of kindness.

IML's Rating: B+

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