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We know that so many of you love to post on our You Said It pages because they're moderated and safe. Meaning, we look at every single submission to make sure it doesn't contain anything that's inappropriate, offensive, or just plain mean to other users. While our site may not have as many cool activities as your favorite virtual world or chat room, we hope that at least IML'ers feel they can express themselves without fear of online bullying.

Still...some users find a way to make others on IML feel hurt and angry. You've even come up with a name for it: "impostering." You've been "impostered" when you've been using a certain name on IML, and then someone else posts using your name. Since we don't have a login system (yet), it's unfortunately very easy for a person to do this, and we're really sorry that anyone's experienced it. Here are some things we'd like you all to keep in mind:

  • Because we read so many submissions every day, it's hard for us to recognize that someone is pretending to "be" someone else on IML. Occasionally, it's obvious, and in those cases we'll delete the post.
  • Since we delete or edit any posts that contain what we consider to be inappropriate language or subject matter, don't worry about someone "impostering" you with a submission that's going to offend or hurt people.
  • You may think you've been "impostered," but it might be just an innocent mistake. If you have a common name or have been using a cute alias, it's not unusual for someone else to want to use the same one by coincidence. If it happens a lot, post a message to your same-namer and see if you can work out a compromise.
  • If you want us to remove a post where someone has used your name and you feel it's on purpose, send us an email at and we'll take care of it as quickly as we can. 
Our You Said It pages are for IML'ers to share your experiences, feelings, and advice. We hope you can all help us keep them safe and fun!

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