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DVD Review: "JONAS: Rockin' The House"

By It's My Life on September 22, 2009 4:45 PM | No TrackBacks

So let's talk about the Jonas Brothers. They're talented, funny, and totally cute. And there's three of them! (Not counting Frankie the Bonus Jonas, of course.)

We love watching their Disney Channel show "Jonas" because (1) it makes us laugh, (2) the music is awesome, and (3) it's great to watch the dynamic of three real-life brothers in a sitcom setting. Now the first five episodes, plus two exclusive premiere episodes, are available on DVD, along with a fun "You've Just Been JoBro'd" prank on co-star Chelsea Staub. 

"Jonas" follows in the footsteps of the Beatles movie "Help!" (where John Lennon has a bed in the floor just like  Nick does) and of course, the TV series "The Monkees" (check it out and you'll see what must have inspired the JoBros' zany, girl-crazy personas). There's something just really addictive about watching pop stars play a slightly altered version of themselves.

Which makes us wonder: how much of "Jonas" is based on their real lives? Obviously, the guys don't go to a prep school or live in a converted firehouse. And we kind of giggle at the scenes where Nick, Kevin, and Joe can, like, walk down a street and not be chased by screaming girls. But if you watch them play off each other on the show, both in comedy and when they perform music, you get a sense of how strong and honest their sibling relationships are. Which means of course that they do occasionally fight about stuff. They must! That we probably won't see on the show or the next JoBros concert movie, but it's fun to think about. (Does Joe ever get jealous of the other guys' solos? Does Nick get ganged up on by his older bros? Will Kevin grow apart from them when he gets married?)

These are real people who are growing and changing just like the rest of us; we hope they only have great things lying ahead for them.

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