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Advice for Making Friends: Part Three

By It's My Life on August 31, 2009 10:46 AM | No TrackBacks

When we polled IML'ers about where they most often meet new friends, the majority of you said...SCHOOL. Well, duh! When you're sitting next to someone in homeroom or paired with her in science lab, friendship can come naturally and easily. But sometimes friendships come together outside the classroom or cafeteria, so here's a reminder of places where that "click" might happen:


Clubs or afterschool activities: The great thing about meeting new friends in clubs is that, chances are, the people you come across are going to have at least one thing in common with you right off the bat. If you love to act, drama club is the perfect place to find other drama queens (and kings) who share your love of all things diva. Or if a good argument is your thing, think of all the heated discussions you can have with other members of the debate team. It can be so easy to be yourself in these environments.

Sports teams: Being involved in athletics is a great way to meet friends, especially if the sport you're participating in is a team sport. You'll be pushed to work together, communicate, cheer, and support each other on a deeper level. For more info and advice on this, check out our section on Team Sports.

Volunteering: Do you walk shelter dogs in your spare time? Help clean up parks? Paint murals on the walls of local schools? There are tons of volunteer opportunities for tweens today, and they're great places to make new friends. You know that the people you meet while volunteering will not only share your passion for whatever the activity is, but also for helping others. 

Religious youth groups: If your synagogue, temple, or church has a youth group, you might find that great friendships start here. Youth groups often host cool activities like hay rides, bowling nights, movie outings and other get-togethers, so there'll be plenty of opportunities for socializing. 

With a little luck and self-confidence, your next great friend or group of friends is out there. We never know when close buds will come into our lives, but when these friendships do form naturally, they're usually the real thing. And they're always worth the effort!

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