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Online bullying

When we started IML back in 2002 (yeah, it freaks us out a little that many of you were still BABIES then), we made a list of which topics to tackle first. At the top of our list were things like "Divorce," "When Friends Fight," "My Teacher Hates Me," and of course, "Bullies." Actually, "Bullies" was #1. No other issue seemed more important, or more timeless. Seven years later, that hasn't changed.

What HAS changed is the way in which some people bully others, or get bullied. We know you know what we're talking about! IM's and emails and texting and chat rooms and message boards and virtual worlds and online role-playing games are all super cool tools to connect with other tweens and have fun. But of course they also provide new and sometimes devastating weapons for making someone else miserable.

Recently, IML put together a special new page of advice about Online Bullying. If you haven't seen it, check it out! 

We want to know: Have you ever been bullied online? How did you deal with it? Do you think you know the difference between having "a little fun" at someone's expense and bullying? Tell us on the Online Bullying You Said It page!

It's My...Blog!

Well, hey! Hi there! Yes, this is IML's shiny brand new blog. We just took the wrapper off. Like it?

Welcome to a whole extra place for tweens to read and think about life stuff. You know, the stuff that's sometimes big and sometimes small but still matters a lot. The stuff that everyone has to deal with in a million different ways. 

It's also a place for us to talk about current events, trends, movies, books, TV shows, music, and celebs...and how these things connect to the real life stuff.

The It's My Life Blog is where we can also kind of talk to you, our fabulous IML'ers. We might tell you about something new on the website or point out a section that you haven't seen. We might respond to questions and comments that pop up on the You Said It pages. And we want you to talk back, too! You can weigh in on something you read here -- or really, about anything at all -- on the "What's On Your Mind" page (and just like the other You Said It pages, it's moderated and safe).

So, come back and visit us often! It'll be a good time.