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Our IML Mentors and experts try to answer as many of your advice questions as possible. Sometimes the questions we get are very similar to other questions that have already been answered. So don't forget to check out the menu of Advice topics before submitting your own question!
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Unfortunately, the IML Advice section is no longer taking new questions. There's a good chance a question just like yours has already been answered on these pages; take a look and see what terrific advice on many different issues can be found here!

Featured Questions
  • How You Look
    GO"I hate wearing shorts and tanks because I'm hairy all over and my mom and dad won't let me shave. I am 13 and everyone else is doing it. I feel very ugly. How should I go about this?"

  • Trouble With Friends
    GO"I finally got a cell phone for my 13th birthday but our plan limits the number of texts I can send every month. I went over last month and it cost my parents a lot of money, and they got really mad at me! They said I have to control my texting but it's so hard! Everyone sends me tons of texts each day and I feel like I need to answer them all. How do I control my texting when it seems like such a necessary thing with my friends?"

We can't answer every question, so if you have an urgent situation where you need help right away, please call one of these 24-hour youth hotlines.

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