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Reading and TV

Can children really learn from watching TV? Yes, they can with reading programming like Between the Lions, Sesame Street, SUPER WHY, and WordWorld.

Learn more about SUPER WHY and Between the Lions with these slideshows. Plus, make the most out of TV time with tips from each of the shows below.

  • Tips from SUPER WHY
    Super Why and his friends Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, and Wonder Red each have special powers. Help your child become a Super Reader just like them with these tips.

  • Tips from Sesame Street
    Learn how to make the most of TV time, and why reading, music, and art are so important for children. Plus, read a chat transcript with Elmo!

  • Tips from Between the Lions
    You can have fun reading anywhere, from waiting in line to bath time. There's lots of ideas here for families on the go.

  • Tips from WordWorld
    Get ideas for things to do with your child while watching WordWorld.

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