Rules of Conduct

Gamestar Mechanic Jr is an online service that helps users learn how to design video games. Our goal is to create a safe, entertaining and educational online environment for our users. This document describes how users – we call them “mechanics” -- should behave in order to do their part to build and maintain this community.

These Rules of Conduct are effective as of May 11, 2015. In the future, our site or our rules may change. When we make changes, we will change this document. We'll post the updated version here, and we'll let you know if we think the changes will significantly impact your use of Gamestar Mechanic Jr.


Mechanics can do a bunch of fun and interesting things with Gamestar Mechanic Jr, and most of them fall into three categories:


You’ll start the game playing the Gamestar Mechanic Jr Quests as a new arrival in Factory 7. Along the way, you will play games, fix broken games and even design games of your own. As you complete challenges, you’ll collect “sprites”: avatars, enemies, blocks and other tools that serve as the building blocks for making games.


In the workshop, you can use the sprites you’ve earned to build your own games. You can edit and change games you have created and play the games you’ve made.

Game Alley

After you completed the first quest, if you make a game, you can publish it to Game Alley. In Game Alley, mechanics can play games created by other users and share the games they have created. You can 'like' other mechanics’ games to let them know their game is fun and send games you think are cool to your friends and family.


All of the users of Gamestar Mechanic Jr form a community, and we want all members of that community to help each other by working together. There are some specific rules we expect mechanics to follow, and we’ll talk about those below, but as a member of this community, there are certain things you should always remember:

Be Respectful

The other mechanics in the community want to have a safe, fun experience. Please be respectful of the other mechanics in the community at all times. When in doubt, think about it this way: if you wouldn’t show something to your parents or your teacher, don’t add it to your games in Gamestar Mechanic Jr.

Be Responsible

As a mechanic, you have a responsibility to help to make the community a better place. If you see something in Gamestar Mechanic Jr that you believe is not OK or is against the Rules of Conduct, you should report it using the “Report” feature described below.


There are certain types of behavior that are never acceptable in Gamestar Mechanic Jr:

Inappropriate Language

When in Gamestar Mechanic Jr – for example when creating usernames or making your games – you must not use inappropriate language. Inappropriate language includes:

• Curse words (profanity)
• Sexually explicit or suggestive language
• Racist language or hate speech
• References to drugs or alcohol
• Abusive language or bullying behavior

This list probably doesn’t cover every type of language that we consider inappropriate, and we may decide that something you have posted is inappropriate even if it isn’t covered by this list.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information is any information that could let another mechanic identify or contact you outside of Gamestar Mechanic Jr. Examples include:

• Your real name
• Your address
• Your telephone number
• Your birthday, age or grade level
• Your email address or instant messaging screen name
• Information about your school or other real-world places you go to
• Any information like this about your parents, brother and sisters or other family members

Sharing this kind of information is not safe, so remember:

• Never include personally identifiable information in anything you create in Gamestar Mechanic Jr.
• Never agree to contact another mechanic you’ve met outside of Gamestar Mechanic Jr (for example through email or in person).
• If you see personally identifiable information anywhere within Gamestar Mechanic Jr, use the ‘Report’ feature or the Contact Us form to tell us about it.

We ask for an email address when you fill out a Contact Us form so that a Gamestar Mechanic Jr team member reply to your questions or concerns. However, we do not use this email address for any other purpose. We also may ask you to verify information about your account to make sure you really are who you say you are when we’re responding to a support request you’ve made. Outside of these situations, Gamestar Mechanic Jr staff and moderators will never ask you for personally identifiable information, so beware of anyone claiming to work for Gamestar Mechanic Jr who does. Don’t share any information with them and report the user to us right away.

Sharing Account Information

As our Terms of Service say, we have a one account per person rule, so having more than one actual person share an account is not ok. Keeping your account secure is your responsibility. If you let someone else use your account, you will be responsible for anything they do. This includes being responsible for the consequences if they do something against the rules.

You should never share your password with anyone, including other mechanics: even if they are someone you know well in real life. And, of course, don’t ask for anyone else’s password. Gamestar Mechanic Jr staff and moderators will never ask you for your password, so beware of anyone claiming to work for Gamestar Mechanic Jr who does. Don’t share any information with them and report the user to us right away.

If you believe that another user is sharing his account or password, please report it to us right away using the ‘Report’ feature. If you believe that someone else may be using your account (for example if your password was stolen), report it to us right away by sending a report through the Contact Us form.


The people who run Gamestar Mechanic Jr do everything we can to keep the community safe and fun. We do a few different things to try to tell when users have broken – or are in danger of breaking – the Rules of Conduct.

First, we have automated software tools that try to detect things like inappropriate language. Sometimes, these tools can catch the rule violation as soon as it happens and prevent the user from, say, creating a user name with a bad word in it. At other times, these tools may not be sure if something is ok or not. In these cases, the item is reviewed by a human moderator, who makes a decision about whether it really is ok or not.

Throughout Gamestar Mechanic Jr, we have placed “Report” buttons. If you come across something in Gamestar Mechanic Jr that you believe violates the Rules of Conduct, you should click the 'Report' button. You will be asked to complete a report describing what you saw and why you believe it is against the rules. We take these reports very seriously, and every one of them is reviewed by one of our moderators, who are trained to take appropriate action if they determine that the rules have been broken.

We created the Report tool as a way for mechanics to help us make the community a safe place. Only use it to report real cases of abuse: things that are against the rules. Don’t use the Report Abuse tool to ‘get even’ with a mechanic you don’t like when no abuse really happened. Making false reports can result in our moderators taking action against the user who made the false reports like warning them or suspending their accounts.

Lastly, our human moderators actively check in on what’s going on throughout Gamestar Mechanic Jr. They visit different areas of the site, review system records and take appropriate action if they find anything that’s not right. While they are not able to visit or review 100% of what goes on in Gamestar Mechanic Jr in this way, they may take action anywhere and at any time – even when there have been no reports or automated alerts from the system.


If our moderators decide that a rule has been broken, they are instructed to take action to correct the situation. This means that the moderator will, for example, remove a game from Game Alley if the game contains inappropriate content. When they remove things like this, the user will be notified. If a user receives this notification and would like more information, they can Contact Us.

Sometimes, our moderators will need to take disciplinary action against a user for breaking the rules. Our moderators decide when and what disciplinary action is needed based on how severe the rule violation was and how the mechanic has behaved in the past. Disciplinary actions may include:

• A warning letting the user know that what he did was wrong and why.
• Putting a temporary ban on the user’s account that will prevent him from logging in to Gamestar Mechanic Jr. A temporary ban might last only a day or several weeks depending on how severe the rule violation was.
• Permanently banning the user from accessing Gamestar Mechanic Jr.

We don’t like to have to take disciplinary action, and we especially don’t like having to tell mechanics that they can’t use Gamestar Mechanic Jr. We know that even responsible mechanics make mistakes sometimes, so we try to educate and warn users whenever possible if they do something against the rules. But if we have to, we will ban users who break rules in spite of repeated warnings, do things that are really bad or break the rules on purpose. We do this to keep our community the kind of place that both we and most of our users want it to be.


If you have questions or concerns regarding these Rules of Conduct, you can contact us via our Contact Us form or at:

Gamestar Mechanic Jr
c/o E-Line Media
1295 W Washington Street
Suite 105
Tempe, AZ 85281