Day 11: The Spyhounds' Superior Slingshots!

Ruff receives great ideas!

Ruff and Chet have a crate marked SLINGSHOT PARTS in front of him. He contemplates the parts, which are strewn all over the place.
SPY SOUNDS: Lots of pieces! HELP!

Spyhounds, we've now posted a bunch of your Spy Sketches.

Thanks to all of you, we learned what to do: we'll use a rubber band for our slingshot because it has a lot of elasticity.

So now we can fling ourselves over the wall at terrifying speeds!

Wait... what?

Okay, while I get used to the idea of "terrifying speeds" (yikes!) take a look at what you Spyhounds have been up to!

Great work, Spyhounds!

Right now, Chet and I are going to build our giant slingshot based on YOUR designs.

So come back tomorrow: I will DEFINITELY need your help to slingshot myself and all of our spy gear over this wall. Poodle Diamond, here we come!

Your messages: How to be a good spy

Spyhound messages....