Shreya smiling.

Meet Shreya Season 5

Shreya wears a boxing outfit.


Shreya plays piano, saxophone, and an Indian instrument called a veena. She also likes rocking out with her rock collection!

Sibling status:

She has a younger sister and brother.


Her friends call her Shrella Cinderella because she loves animals and sings a lot, just like the fairy tale princess! Hmm, is that a pumpkin carriage I see parked outside?

Say what:

Speaks Tamil (an Asian language) and knows Latin, too.

Special talents:

Shreya ain't nothing but a Chihuahua dog... She can entertain you with her impressions of singer Elvis Presley and a Chihuahua!

Future career:

When she grows up, she wants to be a gastroenterologist (a tummy doctor). Hmm, that could come in handy the next time I eat too many dumplings. Not that I would.

Weirdest food:

Chocolate with hot chilis! (Yeowch, burns my tongue just thinking about it.)

Superhero persona:

Shreya would like to be able to run really fast. She says, "It's a BUNCH of good powers all in one! You can dodge anything, you're moving so fast you're practically invisible, AND you could walk on water! I would name my superhero Lightning-Flashcicle."

Pet peeves:

Be kind to ears and ants because there are two things Shreya can't stand: the sound of nails on a blackboard, and people who crush anthills!

Future invention:

Shreya wants to invent a food ray that turns pollution into healthy food. Hey, as long as that food ray has a setting for Kung Pao chicken...

Craziest thing she ever did:

She once spent the whole day in a tree! Wow, that's going out on a limb!