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About the Wummox

The Wummox

  • bigger than a car
  • Slides on a mucusy foot, like a snail
  • Eats tree bark & leaves
  • Eyes on swivelling stalks
  • Long front teeth
About the Wummox

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drawing by watchout100

As you can see,the Wummox has red and purple spots, not for camouflage purposes, but to scare off predators. Even though it is the size of a car, it hatches from eggs about the size of a frisbee. The tree featured in the habitat I drew is called the bongdot tree and has tender bark and fleshy leaves for the wummox to eat. This mother wummox has made its home at the top of a hill and has built its nest underneath the bongdot tree as a source of shade as well as food. Here you can see the root systems of some of the grasses that the wummox also eats, as they sometimes get ripped up when the wummox grabs the grasses with its gigantic front teeth. Also you can see some of the rocks that are buried in the soil. This is my wummox habitat.

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