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About the Wummox

The Wummox

  • bigger than a car
  • Slides on a mucusy foot, like a snail
  • Eats tree bark & leaves
  • Eyes on swivelling stalks
  • Long front teeth
About the Wummox

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drawing by 19srk

First they are in a cave. for light they have cave-fireflies. there are lots of sticks in the cave for them to eat. There is a type of plant that lives in the cave that does not need soil and all it needs to grow is whatever drips from the stalagmites or stalagtites. There slime is perfect for the cold hard ground. They raise there babies in the soft plants until they get there slime. If anyone tries to come in there cave, they are the color of the the stalagmites or stlagmites they cold hide on them or behind them. They are nocturnal meaning they sleep in the day and are awake at night. Therefore they live there WHOLE life in a cave!

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