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About the False-flying Speen

The False-flying Speen

  • Size of a rabbit
  • Can glide through the air
  • Eats insects that live under tree bark
  • Can be camouflaged as a tree branch
  • Has velcro-like pads on its feet
About the False-flying Speen

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drawing by bely2000

The False-Flying Speen now lives in a habitat that has trees for protection. The black ones are the males and thay guard the swine (thats what we call a bunch of them together). The yellow ones are females that gather the reefle bugs to store for the winter. The purple ones are the ones that are having babies, they sit on lily pads and have the babies. You can tell because they are purple. The little white ones are the newborns. The little dark yellow ones are the children, they just play with the other children. The black ones that are not in the trees are the fathers that are watching their children being born and so that if a red flying hawk comes his family will be safe. If one does come then the yellow females and the children go on to a tree and look like a branch, while the males protect the purple females and fight the hawk.

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Think about:

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