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About the White-bellied Sneeloph

The White-bellied Sneeloph

  • Two feet long
  • Digs with its claws
  • Eats underground insects
  • Night vision
  • Has a trunk
About the White-bellied Sneeloph

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drawing by tbuggcookat

it takes care of it's sneels (it's babies) in a nest! AND they drink from the pond he sign says stay away! because it's the sneelophs' teritiory. they LOOOOOVE to eat cherries! they grab the cherries with ther're trunk. the biggest one is the Moma! and the big ones are the teenagers. the littlest ones are the babies. there is a weird looking creature like ostrich thing going to harm the baby! that's BAD!!! But...Luckiliy the the mommy will save the baby and the baby watching teaches it!!!

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