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About the Alpine Phloxum

The Alpine Phloxum

  • As wide as a bed
  • Can balance on cliffs and rocks
  • Eats grass & woody plants
  • Grows antlers
  • Stores fat on its back
About the Alpine Phloxum

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drawing by chloe84

A herd of alpine Phloxum are resting by a cliff. The domanint male is up on the cliff with it's 2 sons. Females as babies are bright yellow and males are golden brown. But as adults both genders are brown. In the nest (brown circle) are new borns but strangely the males are runts. The leafy plants are good food to them and the river gives good water so they do not thurst. During storms the herd stays under the cliff. The apline Phloxum are great creatures.

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