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About the Manatami

The Manatami

  • 20 feet long
  • Smooth water-proof fur and flippers
  • Strains food through its teeth
  • Builds a home out of plants
  • Has good sense of smell
About the Manatami

Here are twelve drawings picked by our habitats expert:

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Expert Review

I chose these extraordinary habitats for the Manatami because they each provide food, water and shelter for the animals and their babies. Here's what's so wonderful about them:

Finding food:

In libbylobby's habitat, the manatami will have lots of fruit to eat from trees and bushes, while in randymama's habitat; the manatami can dig into the ground to feast on tasty insects. To protect their babies, daddy manatami can look for seaweed to bring back to their caves in frostyfazzz's habitat.

Finding shelter and searching for a mate:

In order for the manatami to survive, smilesmile12's drawing shows a safe nest where the manatami can grow and keep warm. Cherrygirl111's manatami build their shelter from plants, and MET17's habitat includes a jungle where manatami can live under the ground.

Raising babies

The manatami in superjohnny600's habitat live in swamps where they can raise and protect their young. SpaceN1 drew a habitat full of plants so that manatami babies can use their green fur as camouflage to stay safe, while gdell's habitat is full of water so that manatami babies can keep close to their mothers while they swim around.

Getting water:

The pond that xenia18080 drew provides water for the manatami when they get thirsty or want to go for a swim. lunatuna55's drawing shows many manatami that store water in their humps and nightfury227 drew a lot of water plants that quench the manatami's thirst.

Each of these habitats has everything these animals need to live. Amazing job!

Twyla Woznik
Esteemed biologist and top expert on habitats in imaginary West Upper Minutia