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About the Manatami

The Manatami

  • 20 feet long
  • Smooth water-proof fur and flippers
  • Strains food through its teeth
  • Builds a home out of plants
  • Has good sense of smell
About the Manatami

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drawing by SpaceN1

The animal lives by a pond so that it can get water. It's main prey is mice, frogs, and turtles. All of this food is nearby the pond. To keep safe a lot of trees and bushes grow around the pond. That is where they hide from things that eat them. Like the wolf. When the mom has babies she makes a burrow and stays in the burrow most of the time. She only comes out for water. While the mom is out the father watches the babies. To hunt and keep them safe they are blue to hide them selves in the water. The babies are born with no fur but after 3 weeks thier get green fur so they can come out of the burrow they just have to stay near plants.

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