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About the Manatami

The Manatami

  • 20 feet long
  • Smooth water-proof fur and flippers
  • Strains food through its teeth
  • Builds a home out of plants
  • Has good sense of smell
About the Manatami

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drawing by smilesmile12

A Manatami gets water from a pond and eats bugs.The manatami also breed to excelerate the count of their speices. Here in this picture its shows the count of 2 manatamis. One is looking for tiny food (goldfish or bugs) in the pond and for water also. The other manatami is waiting to have her babies in a safe place (nest) by the tree. This is the female. The safe "nest" is a pile of plants and leaves to keep warm. Plants to manatamis are used as homes. The little wheat plants are there just to keep the manatamis warm. Soon the third manatami will be born. then the speices continue.

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