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About the Kweevark

The Kweevark

  • Bigger than a TV
  • Curls up and rolls
  • Eats at least 20 pounds of leaves a day
  • Has spines
  • Absorbs water through its skin
About the Kweevark

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drawing by rosethecute

The kweevark is heading towards his babies right now. Since they say that he stores water in his skin, he must not be really hot around here. He lives in the desert that has bare trees, lots of sand storms, and is really really hot. He lives in a small cave for shelter, he eats lots and lots of leaves. There are very small plants in the desert, but sometimes if he goes to a place that has a little bit of grass there may be trees that have fallen leaves on the ground. He digs a hole in the cave to raise his babies.

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