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About the Glotchen

The Glotchen

  • Smaller than a fly
  • Catches the wind with a sail-like wing
  • eats tiny bugs
  • Can sense any motion
  • Hangs from its tail
About the Glotchen

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drawing by surma

The Glotchen lives in forest caves, occasionally roosting in abandoned mines. They prefer the forest because that's where their prey is, the Bee-Striped Moth, which live and thrive in the Yellow Cloudfern tree. Their large ears detect movement, which makes them such good hunters, and the stalactites that hang from the ceiling provide comfortable roosting areas. They get their water from the rain that falls off and on. Their habitat is also the perfect place to catch some wind on a sunny day, and makes them silent on their hunting trips for their colony. Good luck finding the animals' habitats, Ruff!

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