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About the Glotchen

The Glotchen

  • Smaller than a fly
  • Catches the wind with a sail-like wing
  • eats tiny bugs
  • Can sense any motion
  • Hangs from its tail
About the Glotchen

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drawing by hulahoop23

Ok i drew a picture of all the glotchen. They live in the trees nd they get water from a miniature lake nearby. Their predators are animals called finkles (they are half chicken nd half goat) and they luv to suck the wind out of the glotchens. So the glotchen hide under the leaves nd in the water and when the finkle get right where the glotchen wants them, the glotchen attacks them with little black beads and the finkle run away! They raise ther klicks (family especially young) in the tall grass. Oh i almost forgot! thanks to YOU Ruff, they have a safer way to enter inside the lake because when you fell, you left a big bottom imprint on the edge of the lake so they say THANK YOU!!!

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Think about:

  • Where does the animal get food and water?
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