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About the Flarch

The Flarch

  • Size of a goat
  • Has fins
  • Eats clams, mussels & crabs
  • Lives underwater; comes out to breath
  • Has rainbow coloring
About the Flarch

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drawing by weeder123

The flarch lives in a canal-like rock tunnel in a cave shown on the side. The currents are so strong, that no other animals can live there exept the strong-swimming flarch, and its food: crabs, mussles, and clams. The extra light colored flarches are the food gatherers that feed the rest of them. The medium one takes care of the young ones. The darkest one is the queen that lays all the eggs and stores some of the food for the time of year where food is scarce. Living in the water, there is plenty of water to drink. Although they live in salt water, they have a way of filtering the salt out.

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