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About the Pygmy Baroot

The Pygmy Baroot

  • 3 inches long
  • Legs are shaped like springs
  • Drinks flower nectar
  • Can jump 15 feet
  • See-though skin
About the Pygmy Baroot

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drawing by 17cpreston

This is the enviorment or habitat for the species of an animal called a PYGMY BAROOT. It is just right for the enviormentt. As you can see it has many side affects to help this animal live or survive. As you know that the pygmy baroot has to have its own food, drinks, shelter, and air. They get fresh water from the clear blue pond, they get thier great snack nector from the flowers or the freshly cut green grass. They have a great shelter or pretection in the little hut or cave to protect themselves from predators or bad weather. The fresh nightly blue air makes them want to come out more during the night when there is a fresh breeze. During the summer sure enough they get very hot and thier enviorment gets very humid sure enough they have a shady tree to lay under.

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