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zorahswim from NJ completed Trash-free Lunch :: syan771 from WA completed It's in the Bag :: DanieRainbow from AK completed Down the Drain :: mario1190 from FL completed Cruise Control :: vbfht45 from NY completed It's in the Bag :: vbfht45 from NY completed Trash-free Lunch :: SuperBoogie from NC completed Trash-free Lunch :: onep79 from AL completed It's in the Bag :: jpjp967 from AK completed Cruise Control :: jpjp967 from AK completed Power Down :: jpjp967 from CA completed Trash-free Lunch :: jpjp967 from CA completed Down the Drain :: rerity999 from UT completed Trash-free Lunch :: aleksandya10 from TX completed Down the Drain :: nile882 from IN completed Trash-free Lunch :: sbgalendez from GA completed Down the Drain :: michaela2929 from IL completed Cruise Control :: kyris11 from IL completed It's in the Bag :: kyris11 from IL completed Trash-free Lunch :: michaela2929 from IL completed Power Down

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We're going green here at FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman and I challenge YOU to find out how much you use and think of ways YOU could use less.