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creep7 from LA completed Power Down :: Batterylife from GA completed Paper Caper :: runaway250 from AL completed It's in the Bag :: mi6thgrade from AZ completed Down the Drain :: jaedyn74 from NC completed Trash-free Lunch :: jaedyn74 from NC completed Down the Drain :: BINGOA from OR completed It's in the Bag :: BINGOA from OR completed Paper Caper :: yadywuzup from UT completed Down the Drain :: yyyt214 from HI completed Cruise Control :: yyyt214 from HI completed It's in the Bag :: foxy4ever64 from AR completed Trash-free Lunch :: lowkeyqueen from AR completed Paper Caper :: chol24226 from CA completed Trash-free Lunch :: chol24226 from NY completed Down the Drain :: meek539373 from AZ completed Power Down :: meek539373 from NY completed Paper Caper :: shay29078 from SC completed Down the Drain :: dasi924 from TN completed Paper Caper :: S6N6PM from IL completed It's in the Bag

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We're going green here at FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman and I challenge YOU to find out how much you use and think of ways YOU could use less.