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Eeko Exchange What does your school recycle?
What does your school recycle?

our shcool recycles paper/cans/bottels and plastic so we can keep the enviorment clean healthy for everyone!

— bella, Age 8

my school recycles plastic bottles and paper and other things that harm habitats.

— sidney, Age 7

my school recycles food trays and paper.

— heather0110, Age 8

my school recycles paper plastic bottles and milk contaners juce boxs my school loves to recycle

— sally, Age 15

my school started a inovation to recycle crayns .

— cookies123367, Age 8

my school recycles a lot of things like paper cans plastic cardboard bottles and lots of other stuff

— setuee902, Age 5

we use the recycle bin

— catwoman78, Age 8

my scool loves to recycle

— keira, Age 6

My school recycles paper waterbottles with out caps and cartboard.

— Callie, Age 8

My school recyles all the time. Every time we clean out our binders and kids have a lot of old school work, they always put it in the recycle bin.

— abenally123, Age 13

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