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Eeko Exchange Talk about EekoCreature
Talk about EekoCreature

EekoCreature is awsome!!!!!!!!!!

— hannah, Age 8

eekocreature is really cool.i never knew some of the things that were on here and you get too make your own animal it is awesome!!you can mix your animals too it is so cool i love it!!! :D

— gracie5933, Age 9

i love eeko creature soooooooooo much!:)

— catwoman78, Age 8

i think this is a awesome game for lots of people around the USA and all over and also i love it to vary much.

— felicia33310, Age 11

i love ekocreature. OH/YAY

— Ramzi, Age 7

This game is on my favorite game list!!! ;D

— alphawolf123, Age 12

I think ecoworld is great

— bubbles1234325, Age 10

I think its a good program. It lets you know how to handle the enviourment. Also you can have fun while learning. Eeko creatures are cool!

— avatar612998, Age 9

I like Eekocreature because we get to bulid and unlock animals like the pheonix and the T-rex.

— preston, Age 8

I love Eekoworld. I also love my EekoCreature. Her name is Dragonix.

— wolves09, Age 8

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