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What is EekoWorld? Overview

EekoWorld is designed to help children between the ages of 6 and 9 learn about the important role they can play in taking care of the earth. EekoWorld (Environmental Education for Kids Online) features an engaging and interactive format that invites children to explore, experiment, and collaborate as they learn about conservation and the environment.

Through the two main Web site interactive games, children will be able to create their own unique land-, air- or water-dwelling EekoCreature, help the creature overcome environmental issues, and explore their own EekoHouse, a simulation resembling their real home life that shows how decisions they make affect the environment and their EekoCreature.

Create and care for your own EekoCreature, then explore EekoHouse for conservation ideas!

EekoWorld will:

•   introduce children to the basic elements of ecosystems;

•   foster an increased awareness of pollution producers;

•   display the effects of pollution on plants and animals, as well as the land, air and water;

•   examine both local and global conservation acts;

•   highlight innovative and creative technologies that minimize pollution;

•   encourage collaboration and community efforts to improve the environment;

•   foster the sharing of conservation efforts and ideas in the moderated EekoExchange Forum.

The Web site also includes specially designed lesson plans, designed for use in the K-4 classroom, as well as family projects and activities, designed for use in the home and out-of-school settings.

EekoWorld was conceived of and developed by Bean Creative for PBS Kids Go, and was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s “Where Fun and Learning Click” initiative.

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