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Do It
make your own mummy! grab
  • a raw fish from the supermarket
  • two boxes of baking soda
  • kitchen scale
  • plastic container with a lid
  1. Weigh the fish on a kitchen scale.
  2. Coat the fish inside and out with baking soda, and bury it completely in baking soda in the plastic container. Let it sit this way for a week in a cool shady place (in a refrigerator, if you like).
  3. After a week, take it out, dust it off, and weigh it again. Re-bury it in fresh baking soda, for another whole week.
  4. Take it out and weigh it once more. What does the fish look, feel, and smell like after the first week? After the second week?
what happened?
Try the experiment, tell us what happens and watch DFTV for your results! What does your fish mummy look and feel like after a week?

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