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Makeup by Jazi and Danielle

We're Jazi and Danielle, and we made up our minds to make some makeup! We took a cool chemistry class where we learned about what makes cosmetics look, smell, and feel good. We created a formula for lip gloss and lotion, and shared our beautiful results with our friends. But our curiousity didn't end when the class did; we want to make our products even better! Our DragonflyTV question: How can we create even better lip gloss and lotion formulas?

What did we do?
When we created makeup in our chemistry class, we worked with a cosmetics company who gave us ingredients. But we wanted to use everyday ingredients that you can just find at the drugstore. So we went on the Internet and found a lip gloss formula. We used beeswax, shea butter, castor oil, vitamin E, colorant, and essential oils, and mixed them in a variety of different ways, then tested them on passersby in a park for appearance, feel, and taste.

What did we find out?
What did we find out? People liked the gloss made with less beeswax, because it was softer. But if you put too little in, it gets too runny! We found that the properties of the ingredients carry over into the final formula. Our "customers" liked the shininess of the castor oil, and the feel of the beeswax.

What can you do?
  • Investigate how liquids mix (or don't mix!!) with each other. Gather a number of household liquids, such as water, syrup, vegetable oil, vinegar, liquid soap. Pour one of the liquids into a small glass, or into a test tube, about halfway up. Now pour a second one on top slowly. Do they mix, or do they form layers? Which one floats on top? What happens if you shake or stir? Try different combinations, and find the pairs of liquids that mix with each other.
  • Learn about suds and foam, and what kinds of substances increase or decrease the amount of suds you get from soap. Find a large 5 gallon pail, and a garden hose with a sprayer. Put just a drop of liquid soap in the bucket, then spray water into the bucket to make suds. Spray for 5 seconds. How much suds do you have? Now try again, this time starting with a drop of soap and a spoonful of vinegar. Do you get more or fewer suds when vinegar is present? Try other things like rubbing alcohol, vegetable oil, or corn syrup.
  • Use this chemistry investigation as a science fair project idea for your elementary or middle school science fair! Then tell us about it!
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