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earth and space


merrie, PA | (none)
what your fav. storm?

RitaG_1976 , AL | (none)
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MARY, NY | (none)
Laura have you ever been in a Tornado? Or do you know the elements of a tornado. like a f0 ,f1 ,f2 ,f3,f4 ,f5 . DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE BIGGEST TORNADO IS ? PLESE COMENT ! THANK YOU ALL. - MARY

Kaitlyn, MO | (none)
I'm a storm chaser and am considered an 'extreme ' chaser. I'd like to say that tornadoes are my life. By the way, there has to be many factors that are prime for a tornado to occur- heat, humidity, CAPE and wind shear have to be right. And obviously, pressure has to be right too.

m, | (none)
how do dinasaur bones form?

mary, CA | (none)
well shaleia, a tornado starts with warm air and cold air meet.

mary96, CA | (none)
what is your fav. storm? mine is tordo.

Joseph, MI | (none)
You know how they say that hot and cold air chase each other to produce a tornado? Well, that's half wrong. It's hot moist and cold dry air's pressure differences that chase each other.

Lorraine B, CA | (none)
how did people tell the weather in BC

paul, TX | (none)
hi guys what do you know about earth and space weather and rain is cold do you know that good for you

Ava, VA | (none)
I wonder why weather is so changable? I also wonder why it's sooooooooooooooooo hard to predict the weather. Does anyone have any answers because I need them! Did you know that some people use animals to tell weather? It's true!

cc, DC | (none)
tell me what causes snow.

shaleia, OH | (none)
I wonder how do tornadoes start

Emmi O., CA | (none)
I hate thunder,tornados, extreme wid,etc.!!! Can you believe california had sooo many thuner storm!!! at least it's all over! I LOVE california summer sunshine!! One question to people who get lots of t-storms,tornados,extremewind,etc. how are you alive??????!!!!!!!

maia, WI | (none)
where dose our weather come from and can we change it?

m, | (none)
i love to see severe weather on tv

ashley, MA | (none)
weather rules!

ashley, MA | (none)
Weather is cool.I like to watch stormchasers and I like when they intercept tornadoes.tornado ally is huge.Weather is really cool because there are so many kinds.

7t67, HI | (none)
WEATHER COLD .... rain ......

Joseph, MI | (none)
Carl from IA. I don't think Global Warming is real. I think science communities are just saying that to get funds and get paid etra for there communitys.

T, MS | (none)
I love SUN

Astro, NC | (none)
Dust Devil are like tornados but they are smaller, come from the ground and then they go up, and Dust Devils used from sand usually. Dust Devils usually occur in Texas. The most Dust Devils occur in Texas.

Astro, NC | (none)
People can go in hurricanes but they can only be in their helicopter, jet, airplane, etc.

jordan, CA | (none)
I love the CALIFORNIA sunshine!!!!!!!

Riya, NJ | (none)
Hey guys i am doing my project about u know this kina thin' so can u just tell me what do u call u know when wheather people send something into the sky and it sends signals I don't know what that things name is so can u tell me?

nicole, AB | (none)
where does rain come from

Nick, VA | (none)
I love weather. I would love to be a storm chaser from the N.S.S.L. Is there anyone else who would love this scary adventure!!!

Lynn, BC | (none)
Did you know that if it`s snowing and it's cold the ice crystals in the snowflakes are tiny?

grace, MT | (none)
I have been to Roger's Pass and it was really cold.

anonymous#2, MN | (none)
meisha- in many places, weather comes mainly from the west. this is because of low and high-pressure systems, and because most prevailing winds are form the west. for example, if you watch coulds in the sky, they usually will be going west to east. so the weather is just being blown with the wind.

tristen, AL | (none)
can some people like fly in a hurricane...

Anymous, | (none)
I love weather! If I were to choose my top three jobs, this is what it would be: 1. Astronomer 2. Metorologist 3. Author I think weather is really intresting. Do you?

ayanna, FL | (none)
where does rain come from

abby, OH | (none)
In school they told my class that it had to be 32 degrees to snow. Is that true?

abby, OH | (none)
weather is great! My favorite kind of weather is warm and sunny, but at my house it is c cold,snowy and rainy.

Laura, NY | (none)
Tornados are cool!

Caroline, CA | (none)
I love a light rain! It's so refreshing!

Adeline, MI | (none)
We are studying weather in science right now. Did you now that the sun's rays just don't absorb into the earth and the things on it, but they also reflect off things like snow, and when they reflect off the snow skiers can get sunburns.

Mike, CA | (none)
if u see a thunderstorm, watch out there just might be a tornado coming.

stevie, CA | (none)
hey emily in MN,ithink i have an answer to your question. the way a thunder storm is caused is the positives and negatives in the air separate and then hit each other causing a roll of thunder. nice question, stevie

LILY, OH | (none)

marissa, MN | (none)
i think tornadoes are creepy but cool at the same time

shayne, OH | (none)
dear dragon fly tv I have a research plan to find out what types of sun rays do frogs and salamanders and reptile and anphibians suck up I will video it and send it

Maximaxie, IN | (none)
Did u hear about the flood in Australia where 5 people died? That would've been terrifying!

Lindsey, MN | (none)
Why does the sky turn orange or green right before a tornado strikes?

Carl, IA | (none)
Who here thinks that glolbal-warming is man-made?

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