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matter and motion


amy, TX | (none)
khoa i am not your frend no more bff.

MartinKoeh17, AL | (none)
Sensational, thats all I have to say

heeh, AS | (none)
purification of water is that a good science fair idea?

Millie, MA | (none)
Stay ionframtive, San Diego, yeah boy!

Joseph, MI | (none)
Hey Destiny, you mean evaporate, right, because water can't be destroyed. I mean the matter it's made of can't be destroyed. It's a universal law. Matter can't be destroyed or created.

ava, MA | (none)
Me and my dad found a frozen can .It was cool!

Logan, CA | (none)
Water is H2O

dedrah kowalski, MI | (none)
Hi the water we drink has oxygen and little partical in it so it can help use grow and live

josh , OH | (none)
i like to swim in water

izzy, TX | (none)
i want to be on your show

Destiny, OH | (none)
water is always important to humans. but water cant live forever.when the earth ends,every single water level will be vaporized. water in closed bottles,vaporized. lakes,rivers,streams,and waterfalls,vaporized. the pacific,atlantic,indian,and artic oseans,vaporized. every single thing with water will be vaporized. water is the most wealthy things for our lives,but soon they'll be gone forever.

alex, CA | (none)
I want to be on your show

victoria martino, FL | (none)
water is ice because when it is cold water changes to ice and when it is hot the ice melts to liquid which it is water but is it a chemical change or a phisical change?

joe, NY | (none)
Ok, if ur at the bottom of a pool of dueterium oxide, would it be harder to swim around or not drown. Cumulatively heavy water is... heavier. Ur less dense but the water around u weighs more, so its kind of like an increase in drag, resistance to movement. So?

VanadiumSteel, TX | (none)
Carter, actually your body is about 70% water. When you inhale (what you normally do before taking a plunge), the average density of your body is less than that of water, so you float! That's why inner tubes float. Most people drown because they PANIC. They forget to inhale and do the back-float thingamajig, and so, yes, they sink. Life jackets work on the same mechanism as an inner tube, except you wear it and what's in it is foam, not air. Thank you, thank you! Thank you very much! (Applaud)

Carter, WA | (none)
moo, i quite agree. I love water. we couldn't live with it in fact. (i think you already!)

Carter, | (none)
you know Jaelin, you drown because you're more dense than water

Carter, WA | (none)
you know Elizabeth, dftv isn't all hat great. check out fetch with ruff ruffman ! I even go on at night! in fact it's night right now (8:45)

Samantha, SD | (none)
When I did the water rocks form?

Ashley, NY | (none)
Water is a type of matter. Unlike any other type of matter water does not have its own shape or size.Water will take the shape of whatever it is put in.

Charlotte, MI | (none)
tori- a body of water is any amount of water this is always in a place. for example, a lake, river, or ocean.

izzy, MN | (none)
water is easy to call something with some fish smells. but it actually it smells like dog.

izzy, MN | (none)
water is easy to call something with some fish smells. but it actually it smells like dog.

moo may, WA | (none)
I love water in many ways. 1:drinking it .2:by swimming in it and 3: by washing in it. It is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

tori, NY | (none)
What is a body of water?

tori, NY | (none)
Water is a drink i like and it is good for you i think...

Georgiy, UT | (none)
Has any one heard of heavy water? Its systematic name is deuterium oxide. Heavy water actually sinks in normal water! The only difference between normal water and heavy water is that the two hydrogen atoms that are in normal water are different isotopes in heavy water. I wish I could do an experiment with heavy water, but it's so expensive...

Sydney, MN | (none)
Jaelin_ water can get so deep because it is simply filling a space that can hold it. just like a glass of water.

allison, | (none)
water is life and life without water is death.so water is the living source . generally water is just a liquid ,but is does great things .yust imagine your life withot water

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