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jasmine williams, AL | (none)
i cant tell a turtle from its gender(male or female)i need help cause my sister bf has a tutle and hesaid it was a boy it has a long tail is he right?????

Cayleigh, LA | (none)
My turtle keeps borrowing in its tank answer its breeding season could it be pregnant

Ben, AZ | (none)
How do red eye snapper give birth

Shannon, NY | (none)
I like turtles because they are slow. And how long do they live!

bob, NM | (none)
To sabrina NY. You might have a stinkpot turtle.

konoodd, AL | (none)
how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

shelly, CA | (none)
How do you know if your turtle is pregnant?

solobeFrogs, AL | (none)
Hey there

analy125, CA | (none)
i have a turtle but is a fake one

kathayaien, GA | (none)
the old games should come back

BethMock :), MI | (none)
PLEASE NOTICE. PLEASE NOTICE. PLEASE NOTICE. Kemp's Turtles are going extinct. I heard of a family that helped them by walking by the beach in the winters and help look for the Kemp's turtles in the sand. Please notice this message to see how much I care about these cute little animals. Don't let them go extinct.

lance, CA | (none)
I love my turtle it won't eat i put a lamp it still wont eat i put decoration so he can feel comforable feel baad for nibbles and kobe i bought them chinatown and the food it 80 degrees

turtles 9, MI | (none)
why woun`t my painted turte eat?

turtlelover, WI | (none)
I used to have a pet turtle and then i had to let it go in my creeek because it got to big for its tank!! I sometimes see my turtle in my creek!!! Some people asked if turtles hide they dont they borrow in the winter!!! P.S. Turtles you can tell them apart by there tail's if it has a long tail it is a boy if it has a short tail it is a girl!!!!!!!!!!

brooklyn, NJ | (none)
how can you tell if your baby red ear slider turtle is a boy or girl

lazaria, TX | (none)
turtles r cool#1 !

Gabriela, MX | (none)
Can you give me more information about the boxturtles it's interisting how you git so many turtles a day thank you .

martha , CA | (none)
my red eared slider turtles shells look like there peeling and turning brown why is it doing that

jen , NJ | (none)
so turles if the eyes are red it is a boy if the eye brown it is girl

mario, WA | (none)
can you give me more information about boxturtle. thankyou

turtles, GA | (none)
you can tell if a turtle if thee turtle have a cruve a the top then boy if not then gurl and if the turtle has red eyes its a boy brown eyes its a girl

kay, NC | (none)
i have four slider turtles that look a lot alike if i paint a mark on them to tell them apart will it hurt them?

Jasmine, AZ | (none)
how can you tel if a turtles a boy or girl???

Carol, AZ | (none)
to Mary, CA I think start feeding him purchased turtle food again then he might perk back up, the shrimp is too rich he needs a balanced diet -we don't let the kids eat only candy just because they won't eat their vegetables - all living creatures are basically like people...

Susan, CA | (none)
My daughters turtle hasn't opened it's eyes for a couple weeks.It creeps me out.Is this natural?

Mary, CA | (none)
I have a red eared slider that I have had its whole life. It is now about 7 inches in diameter. He lives in a large hated tank with a heat lamp, out of water access. He quit eating purchased turtle food a few years ago. He eats defrosted frozen shrimp. He doesn't feel well lately. He might be blind. Doesn't react to us or feeding time lately. The food goes uneaten. He mainly sits under the heat lamp or on the ramp leading to it out of the water. What should I do? There are no vets treating reptiles where I live.

yatziri, TX | (none)
yes, turtles do have tails kindal.

pat, GA | (none)
does it get to cold for a red eared slider? do i need to bring him inside for the winter?

Jenna , AR | (none)
I had a turtle once, his name was August Rush, but then sadly he got salmonella poising and died :( He faithfully lived with me for two years, so when he died i wasn't so happy:( But then i got five other box turtles:) Izzy, Miget, Cala, Lewy, and Gane

Jose, PA | (none)
My red eared slider's shell turned brown why is it doin that?

kevin, NY | (none)
I have a snapper and a soft shell and i brought a turtle from china town and it gray and black and i looked all over the enternet and i cant find the name of the turtle

Sabrina, NY | (none)
I have a turtle called pixie, and she reeks!!!! I clean her tank at least three times a day, and she still stinks like a skunk!!!!!

sabrina, DE | (none)
how do i know if my turtle is a boy or girl

morgan, CA | (none)
how do you tell if a desert tortise is a boy or girl

brittany, FL | (none)
my turtle wont eat or go on his rock or go by the rock i dont want him to die i am scared wat do i do

Gaz, TX | (none)
Ive had pet turtles my whole life. I used to catch them and mark them and release them back into the wild. I found that they are very habitual, because i could catch a turtle mark him and release him somewhere else, but they would go back to their original location. They are also more intelligent than people give credit for. When my current turtle was a baby, i started feeding him a certain number of food sticks. He would take them from my fingers. After a while, he knew how many I was going to feed him, because after the number was reached, he would stop begging. So if you have an aquarium set up, you might want to change its layout every month or so to keep the turtle entertained. Also, put some gold fish in with him. Make sure you watch him for a few hours though. If he tries to catch the goldfish, hold him still. After a few hours the fish will learn how to avoid the turtle, and you can have both in the aquarium. Then any new dumb fish u put in will still be eaten, and u can stiill have pet fish. The fish also help to keep the aquarium cleaned up. My aquarium and the filter became contaminated w/ little clear worms at one point that hatched from eggs in his food and the turtle stopped eating at one point. I avoided having to throw away a $200 aquarium setup by putting the smaller feeder goldfish in the aquarium, and they ate them to extinction! Turtle is happier than ever! Some people are asking about the sex of the turtles. From what I can tell, the male turtles have long nails in the front for mating, they also have longer thinner tails than the females in most species.

Lisa, LA | (none)
Is it ok for small kids to have a pet turtle?

Bell, MO | (none)
How do turtles hide? Where do they go in the winter if the pond is frozen? Why do turtles sleep? Why do turtles walk.

Jessie M, HI | (none)
hOW DO WE KNOW IF A TURTLE IS PREGNANT OR NOT? I'm really currious about this because I wanted to know if my little turtle girl, Ninji is pregnant or not. Can anybody give me the clue for a turtle who is pregnant?

donna, CA | (none)
PLEASE PLEASE DONT go threw what i did. I had 3 wonderful wonderful sliders. One very special, sammy, 20 years. Well I put them speraretly in a box to hibernate. It breakes my heart to this very day,that with my stupid human error,they all three died.imissthemso

Cam, OR | (none)
can turtles live alone or do they need a buddie

sarah, NJ | (none)
what is a turtles specific role in it's habitat?

lola, VA | (none)
what happen if your turtle does eat anything for days and days but u give everyday food and it doesn't eat it

alexis, IL | (none)
how do you know if a turtle is a boy or a girl.

gfdgsdfg, NY | (none)
How do you tell a painted turtles age?

Kara, NC | (none)
How do you know how old a turtle is? Like a turtle that you find in or on the road.

caitlin, FL | (none)
why do any animal that gives birth have a,runt of the pack?

Tara, CA | (none)
We have a yellow-belly slider (I think) since May. I think he is about 1 1/2 years old, and his name is Memphis. The past couple days he has been biting at his nails or hands. Can't really tell what he is biting at. His nails are really long, do u think they need to be trimmed or maybe could his hand be dry and he is itching it? Pls help, we luv this little guy! Thanks

Glen, SC | (none)
What is a male turtle called? What is a female turtle called?

Kendal, IN | (none)
Do turtles have tails

Siobhan and Robert, MN | (none)
How do you know if your turtle is a girl or a boy?

Kaya, MI | (none)
My turtle wont eat for 5 days I see all the mill worms on the bottom of the gravel!! I also feed him pellets and he wont eat help I don't want him to die!!

tricia, OR | (none)
grr,.. my turtle is getting fatter and fatter in the rear area, i don't know if it has eggs or what i think its almost been a week, i gave her sand but she only wants t sit in the water. I don't have money to take her to a vet, I guess I'll have to take her to the Vet anyway!!! Is there anything anyone can tell me???? I don't know what else to do I have had her for 7 years and would hate to loose her!

MaiVi, CA | (none)
How can I tell if my red eared slideris a boy or a girl?

kaitlyn, VA | (none)
how long dos it take for baby turtles to grow

Jill, OH | (none)
We have two red eared snapping turtles that we got while on vacation in SC. One is growing and eating and swims around all day. The other is not growing, doesn't seem to be eating and just sits on his rock out of the water staring out the back of the tank. What should I do?

lil me, OH | (none)
a boy turtle has a concave bottom shell(goes in) and a girl has s flat bottom shell hope i helped a lot of you:]

bob, PA | (none)
I looked up what TURTLES EAT.red ear turtles like raw hamburger and cooked chicken. box turtles eat fruits, vegetables,TOMATOS hamburger and chicken. lettuce has no nutrition. JUST DO A SEARCH ON YOUR COMPUTER. WHAT TURTLES EAT AND IT WILL ALSO TELL YOU. SWOLLEN EYES MEAN HE IS NOT GETTING GOOD NUTRITION.

Claire and Nick, NC | (none)
turtles eat many different leafy plants like lettuce

jasmine, NJ | (none)
how do you now what kind of turtles you have boy or girl

ashley, ON | (none)
how do i know if my painter turtle is male or female

apple, CA | (none)

katelynn, UT | (none)
what do turtles eat and drink?

Sadie, MX | (none)
You should let your slider go or call your vet

Sadie, MX | (none)
You know when a turtle is pegnat it lays eggs.

tabbie, PA | (none)
what do turtles eat?

Antonia, OH | (none)
My turtle has a couple soft spots on his shell, is this normal?

lucy, PQ | (none)
if you find a wild turtle that needs your help take it to an animal shelter or vet then let it go in a large water source close to where you found it

cd, | (none)
this is for paige OH your anser is rong ok girl turtles have dents and boy turtles bottom shells ar strait

maddie, CA | (none)
MEAGAN FL, you probably should go on the web to figure out, I have a turtle from the wild and the web told us what to feed it. now it snaps op the food we feed it. put the food in the water. our turtle was bleeding too. Try giving it raw seafood

maddie, SK | (none)
how big do red eared turtles get

rylee, WI | (none)
how old do turtles live

kate, CA | (none)
why do turtle eat plant

Texas, TX | (none)
I am looking for a Female Red ard Slider turtle for my male I need a baby If you have wone you want to give away for free

samantha, NY | (none)
i found a painted turtle and i have a tank but i was wondering what type of water does it need?

lola, MN | (none)
a turtle that is acting strange, is it pregnant?

Kayla, CO | (none)
i found a turtle and i don't know what to feed it please help

norman, KY | (none)
how do we tell weather a turtle is a girl or a boy

Rhiannon, AR | (none)
I found a turtle in the road and took him home to feed it and let it have a nice little home and he likes us but he's scared of us at the same time because one min he's letting us feed him and then the next min he's scared to come out of his shell and I don't know what to do I hope he's okay cause he is really cute and he loves to be with us but I also want to let him go what should do?

latifa, TX | (none)
my red eared slider isnt eating his eyes are sometimes closed tries to swim out of the tank and i think it might be bleeding? plz. help i dont want it 2 die

asdfgh, NY | (none)
If you found a turtle in the wild and you are keeping it please let it go. It will be very scared, and it probably will die.

maddy, OK | (none)
i have 2 red eard sliderturtles how do i know if it is a boy or a girl

kim, NY | (none)
can i put a painted baby turtle, i just found in a pond, in the same tank as my 2 yellow belly sliders that i've had for 8 months???

justin, NE | (none)
what do painting turtles eat

Taylor, NE | (none)
I dont know how to tell if my land turtle is a male or female

samantha, MD | (none)
how can i tell the differance between a male and female box turtle??

Rena, MD | (none)
Found a what I think is a red-eared slider in my yard. I don't know anything about a turtle nor do I want to but I don't want it to die or get hurt so I'm asking anyone to help me find someone who will take it.

jasmine, PQ | (none)
i looked on the computer and i saw that how you can tell the diffrence of a female and a male turtle. 1-if the belly sticks out it's a female, but if the belly goes in it's a male. 2-the male's nails are realy long at age 5-4 years of age but it will be the opposit for the female. 3- and there is usualy a hole under the tail if it's more under the shell it's a girl if it's more out of the shell it's a male

turtle lover, OH | (none)
how do i help the turtle with it goes to hirbernant?

megan, FL | (none)
uh.... well i found this boxer turtle and i dont know what to feed it, or even what to put in its acquarium. that being bad enough the flappy thing in the front of his shell that helps it hide was bleeding when i found it. i also have no idea what to feed him..... we have tried worms,lettuce, and leaves, it just wont eat!!!!!!!!!

Esteban, GA | (none)
i want to know what turtles eat because we found one and it hasnt eat

sydney, MN | (none)
What do wild turtles eat?

Enosa, GA | (none)
my turtle has white stuff on its eyes what does that mean.

shaleigh, MT | (none)
i picked a turtle from a pond i would like to know if its a boy or a girl?

jackie, CA | (none)
i read in a book that turtles need to have the water 3 times the size of the turtle deep, and that it should be able to get natural sunlight. i have 2 red eared sliders and the biggest one always stretches out rite infront of the sun. :]

kelly, MX | (none)
porque la shell de la tortuga sta soft

Katia, NC | (none)
i have this really tiny baby pond turtle and he hasnt eaten anything! anyone know what they eat? PLZzZZZZZZ help!

cristina, ON | (none)
my red slider turtle has white stuff on his feet and tail what do i do?

victoria, OK | (none)
do red-eared turtles snap[bite]?

victoria, OK | (none)
tata turtles eat veggitables NO FRUITs!!!!!!!! and if it's a girl it has a short tail and short claws. and the boy's have long tails and long claws.

Kristin, MI | (none)
how do I know if a wild painted turtle is a girl of a boy.

t.t., MD | (none)
what do box and painted turtles eat???

ricky, IL | (none)
i found a wild turtle on a bike trail and i dont no how to take care of it if this helps it has an orange belly what should i do ?

SR, TX | (none)

connor, SC | (none)
i can't tell if my eastern painted turtle is a boy or a girl

tori, FL | (none)
can my yellow bellied turtle and map turtle mate?

cassidy, TX | (none)
What happend when your two turtles grow different.like when one turtle grows bigger than the other turtle

kirsten, IL | (none)
this answer is to shayrae of ca, john of tx, and talha of ky. your turtles probably won't eat because either their food is not in the water or they may want some privacy which means they will eat if no one I MEAN NO ONE watches them eat.I had three turtles and currently i have two one of which has terrible shell rot.

kirsten, IL | (none)
hi. my turtles have shell rot my friend said to take them out of the tank and put them in box with shredded newspaper and to take them out twice a day to expose them to water.does that mean i keep them in the water?

valentina, NY | (none)
i need to know why it has a big shell?and how it survives in the wter??

naenae, NV | (none)
help...how do i know if my turtle is a boy or a girl

conor [people call me c, DE | (none)
I have alot of turtles.I have 11 box turtles(all eastern box), 3 eastern mud turtles,1 snapper,and 1 baby yellow belly. box eat large night crawlers.the mud turtles eat worms too and also minnows. yellow bely eat minnows but when he get's older, he'll eat gold fish.

matti, MO | (none)
im having a realy hard time getting my fresh water turtle to move around am i doing something rong. i know there slow but i think they actualy move around once in a while and hes not dead because when i pick him up his legs come out and he starts to kick...... hes not sick because we have taken him to the vet...... HELP!!!!!!

alexis, NJ | (none)
when do they hatch???

Sherry, UT | (none)
My boxies are being swarmed by little tiny flies. I don't know if they are fruit flies, but they are thriving in the moist soil. How do I get rid of them!

thilini, YT | (none)
is my red eared terrapin girl or boy

Julie, CA | (none)
My western pond turtle has eye lid crust.Whats wrong??

Adam, IL | (none)
Would my Red Eared Slider ever mate with an Eastern Musk Turtle? Not too sure about it.

niall, | (none)
HELP!! my yellow belly turtle is not growing bigger than a rollerblade wheel. what will I do?

lisa, CO | (none)
SNAPPING TURTLES SNAP!!!!!!!(hence the name) My mom almost got bittin by one. If you have a snapping turtle, REALEASE IT!!!!!!

may, NT | (none)
can you put red ear slider turtles with soft shell turtles

Shayrae, CA | (none)
What kind of food can I give to my fresh water turtle? I am having a hard time getting my turtle to eat.

7h RJ, | (none)
Me fauorite Turtle is a Boxturtle because it has a hard back just like me.

16H Fred, MO | (none)
Sea turtles are good swimmers.

evelyn, TX | (none)
can i feed my red ear slider turtles mealworms? if not what other bug or thing can i feed them?

talha, KY | (none)
my turtle(red-eared slider) won't open his mouth no matter what. It has all the facilities it can get(including warm water). It never eats and i have tried almost all the foods. Another question i have is whether it is a boy or girl and how can i estimate his age.please tell me how to feed it.Thanks and it is URGENT!!!

trucho, IL | (none)
i have a little baby turtle that will not eat. all the turtle does is climb out of the water on a rock and it sleeps all day. it has not eaten in about 3 weeks. wat can i do?

Meeka, NC | (none)
Someone told me that in NC it is illegal to have a turtle as a pet is this true??

paul, CA | (none)
my turtles shell is geting soft and he wont eat. i got him a uvb light but i can get the calisum in hes diet because he wont eat anything. he just lays under the light all day. he use to get all happy and swim around when i came home now he wont even move. i have had him for 5 mounts hes as big as a quarter. what should i do about this problem? o yeah and i even but on ot the bones it there that turtles like that are sapost to be filede with calisum. i will be sad if he dies. what should i do???

John, TX | (none)
my red eared slider turtle isn't eating its not hibernating either.What do i do?HELP!!! i don't know if its a boy or a girl

Daniel, TX | (none)
The easiest way to find answers to your turtle questions is to write ( turtle ) and then what you want to know about them, example: turtle shell, turtle shedding, turtle diet, etc. There are also alot of Reptile and Turtle message boards that you can visit that can be of alot of help.

michelle, | (none)
how do turtls swim

yani, CA | (none)
my turtle won't eat and i don't want him to die. What do I do?

monica, IL | (none)
my bestfriends got me a turtle for christmas and i dont know if its a boy or a girl help

Aiden, AS | (none)
can 2 turtles be in the same tank 2gether

sonya, CA | (none)
I think my baby red slider is dead! but i'm not so sure. i think i see itt breathing or moving but it might just be me. How do i know for sure?:(

caroline, CA | (none)
I just bought two baby turtle,and I don't know what kind of turtle it is or if its a girl or a boy?please help me!

michelle, ON | (none)
My turtle has red eyes.Whats wrong????

kuu, HI | (none)
my baby tortoise isn't eating..i tried carrots tomatoes,brocoli and spinich leafs... he doesn't seem to like it! i read somewhere that they could eat tuna? is this true

Paige, OH | (none)
Ok so if you want to know if a turtle is a boy or girl then look at the bottom of its shell. If its dent like then its a boy if its straight then its a girl. If a turtle isnt eating his/her food its probably normal because they can go up to a month without food. (an eastern box turtle)

anonymous, CA | (none)
why did my turtle's shell turn right side up it looks like a crown is it all right?

Luchana, CA | (none)
I have a terrapin called Henry he is very greedy what shall i do? if he dosent get any food for about a day he just bangs his tank!

Megan, NC | (none)

Julia, MI | (none)
Just like Amy, my Painted is getting shiny gold spots all over it's shell. Is this bad???????

layley, AL | (none)
how do u find out a dessert tortoise is a girl or a boy?

turtles, NJ | (none)
my turtle isnt eat his food and it almost a week

annette, CA | (none)
what to feed baby tortise

Brindle, ME | (none)
my turtle isnt eating her food is it because of the water temperature or the type of food i feed it ??

Brianna, OK | (none)
my turtle isn't eating his food in october is it the weather changing or is it his tank temperature?

steven, NY | (none)
i found a turtle what can he eat boxer turtle

Brat, FL | (none)
What do soft shell turtles eat???

bandit55, MN | (none)
I have one small painter turtle and two small snapping turtles. Can I put them together in the same tank?

devonte, GA | (none)
how can you tell a boy turtle from a girl turtle

Zoey, OH | (none)
I just found 1 Leather back Snaping Turtle N its a Baby.I hav had it for 2 days!!And i dont know wat it eats!?!?CAN U HELP ME!?!?I NEED SUM HELP

jc, NJ | (none)
what do turtles eat

somebody, RI | (none)
What eats snap turtles and what do they eat?

patti, MI | (none)
i just bought a yellow belly turtle and they told me all i needed for him was a tank,rocks and food. well he won't eat and he just floats or basks on the rock he seems lifeless. Do i need to get a light for him? They told me i didn't. He just doesn't seem happy. I can't get him to eat or play like he was at the pet store.please help

BG, NC | (none)
I was wondering what turtles eat beacuse i have 3 turtles!

Christine, TX | (none)
We just gotten, Ned, a little turtle, the size of a 50 cents piece, with a red spot on his head, he sleeps alot, is this normal for this time of year?

coolio, TX | (none)
I want a turtle. Should i get a box or painted turtle?

Lorri, TX | (none)
I would like to know how turtles mate. I do not know if i have a female and a male. I came home and found them face to face and they were like holding hands. is that how.l

Amy, ON | (none)
How long do turtles live??

kiale , NT | (none)
what r da signs are there to tell u that ur turtle is pregnant lol

kiale, NT | (none)
my turtles climb on top of each other is this them having babies

turtle lover, VA | (none)
I have three red sliders and one back legs got bitten by the other turtles and it was smaller than them. It is now a stump and I moved it into it's own tank so they would live it alone. Is it going to die? It is eating but has no back toes. What do I do?

Robin, TN | (none)
We found a baby snapping turtle in our driveway. We have lots of them, including huge ones, since we are so close to the river. Question is, If we keep it, what do we feed it and should we put enough water in the aquarium for it to swim? It is about the size of a potatoe chip. Thanks

cody, WI | (none)
my turtles dyeing and its back legs are paralized!!! whats wrong???????

Zoey, NC | (none)
what if you found a wild turtle and don't know what they eat...how do i find out the type of turtle it is or what it eats???

john, NY | (none)
Where do small aquatic turtles sleep, in water?

angela, CA | (none)
how can u tell a red eared turtle if its a girl or boy

mimi, HI | (none)
why do u not turn over turtles they stop breathing or what post a message if u know i have 2 turtles

MF, GA | (none)
Maybe you don't understand the male and female resonings. Long fingernails, longer tails and an indented plastron make it a male. opposite for female... Wild turtles can be kept indoors as pets and the food has to go in the water for aquatic turtles, otherwise they can't swallow...And some turtles are carnivourous. Make sure you know what it is before you start only feeding it lettuce..

JASMINE, PA | (none)

emilyann, WI | (none)
my dad found a painted turtle on the road how is a simple way to tell if it is a boy or girl

Anna, NC | (none)
I was wondering what eastern box turtles eat? I was told that they eat lettuce but my turtle wont eat anything.

Hanah, IL | (none)
How big do red eared turtles get.

Airhead105, TX | (none)
if ya'll want to know how red slider turtles are a girl or boy look at there tail the one with a short fat tail is a girl the one with a long thin tail is a boy.

Airhead105, TX | (none)
do red eared slider turtles like to be massaged

Teresa, CO | (none)
Dear people who want to know if their turtle is a girl or a boy. Usually the ones with longer tails and longer nails and a inwards bottom shell is a male. The gals are the ones with a flat or stick out bottom shell and they have shorter nails and tails than the males and their shell might be bigger. tip:DO NOT let your turtle flip over. from your advisor, TLR

T.L.Roland, CO | (none)
Dear Hannah Don't listen to Alison, if you leave food in the water your turtle might get sick and die from fungi or bacteria insted, soften the food by heating it a bit. from your advisor, T.R.

T.R.R., CO | (none)
I just bought two turtles Ones name is Shelly/dodo(girl) and the others,Mossy/chran chran (boy).I was wondering when do they mate? and where can i get a ultraviolet light?

T.L.Roland, | (none)
To brittany Your turtles can see you. You might think that they are blind but they have 2 eyelids on each eye one to protect their eyes when they are swimming in the water and they kind of make the turtle look blind. from teresa

Teresa, CO | (none)
dear people who need help with turtle care When you first get a turtle its best to get it clean by brushing its shell with a soft toothbrush. Use a plastic tote or a 40 gallon terrarium to put them in have some gravle on the bottom and a rock that they can climb on and sunbathe. Now, for the food put a calcium block or cuttle bone in the water so they can chase it and naw on it. Feed it any green leafy vegggies and earthworms, mealworms and bugs and you can also feed it turtle sticks and pellets it is good to put calcium dust on their food because they often suffer from calcium deficiency.Do not let the food fall in the water otherwise it will rot. You also need a ultraviolet light or UBV light. With Land turtles, you should put a dish of food in the turtle's tank, leave it for no more than 2 hours, then remove it and offer it again later, up to 3 times a day if the turtle will eat that often.Feed it Veggies.Even though your turtle is a land turtle it still needs a large water bowl with water halfway up their body so they can cool themselves. The way you know if your turtle is a boy or a girl is look at its bottom shell, if it is flat or rounded than it is a girl if it caves in than it is a boy. please feel free to ask me any other thing about turtles. from T.L.R.

to austin, AZ | (none)
i have box turtles. the females do not bite you and have longer tails i think. read a turtle book they actually help alot :)

Teresa, CO | (none)
To imp hunter,Brianna and Shandee I just bought two water turtles I feed them cucumber and turtle pelets and lettuce Some bigger turtles don't eat as much as the little ones but I think that's normal My turtles do that too. to tell the diference between a male and a female look at its bottom shell, if it convex than its a girl and if it is concave than It's a boy. Put a cuttle bone or a calcium block into your turtles tank for them to knaw on. Also, they need a warm and a cool place to rest so put a rock in its tank for them to climb on and bath. Be sure to get a deep tank so they won't exape. Some times you can take it out and let it explore, just plug any holes with a towel. Change the water every day or twice a day just to make sure it dosent get sick. from your resercher, T.L.R

Tori, CA | (none)
Im planning on buying a turtle. How can I get rid of the salmonella?

grace, GA | (none)
icaught a baby red eared slider in my neighbors pond. it was really cute so i kept it. it has white stuff around its behind,the stuff looks like soaked bread. it is also not eating. peeeeaaaassseee help me!!!!!!!!!!

Shandee, UT | (none)
I have 2 red ear sliders that have been together for almost a year and they havent had eggs yet what do i do? One of them isnt eating and its the bigger one what do i do in that possition? if your turtles wiggle their finger nails at you is that normal? I NEED ALOT OF HELP PLEASE!!!!

brianna, FL | (none)
i caught a sun turtle and it eats well and seems fine but i don't know if i can take it inside and keep it as a real pet. Also i don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

JENNIFER, CA | (none)
hi, a have 2 questions that i have been wondering about: when i first bought my turtle, i wasn't sure how i could tell if it's a boy/girl; i have also celebrated its birthday on the day i've bought it, but just don't quite know how old my turtle is. CAN ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME???

ej, CT | (none)
why did i see a scarey turtle

c173, SK | (none)
Wow! Good stuff, i found lots of intresting things here. Many thanks. Keep it up!

Darby, NY | (none)
I had a turtle,it died.Why and how did it die?

melinda, TX | (none)
i found a turtle in my yard and i would like to know what to feed it and if its a girl or boy

Karen, FL | (none)
My slider is about a year old and is making noises. It sounds almost like my daughter is crying. I am unaware if this is a normal thing or if it is a sign of illness. If anyone has ever heard of this or if they have a turtle that has ever done this please let me know.

caroline, MO | (none)
is it not healthy to paint a turtles shell?

sharon, NY | (none)
i found a turtle and i would like to know what kind it is

kell, | (none)
one time when i was 2 i had 17 red eared turtles!!!!!!!!! like OMG right!

claudia, OH | (none)
I am babysitting a Turtle for my friend and it has not ate for a couple of days what should I do!!!!! RESPOND SOON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sebastian, OH | (none)
how do i tell how old my red eared turtle is its a male and its dark green witch means it is older

Hannah, GA | (none)
Is it ok to paint a turtles shell with water colors?

Jane, CA | (none)
CC your turtle is probaly too cold

Jane, CA | (none)
when you red eared sliding turtle is too cold it thinks it is winter and stops eating and goes into hibernatoin

brittany, FL | (none)
can my two red ear slider turtles see me ?

Bridget, OR | (none)
We just got 4 western painted turtles for our backyard pond and were nervous when one flipped over in the pond and could not get upright. We watched, hoping to se it figure it out on it's own but finally our compassion led us to help it out and flip it back over. What do they do when we aren't around to help? The water is plenty deep.

Hannah, LA | (none)
Well, I actually found my turtle in my backyard and Ipicked the turtle up and I name HIM Freddy. I don't know how to take care of him that good,but I 've been giving him lettuce,celary, and some good leaves that turtles usually eat, I gave him water and some rocks I put enough water for Freddy to swim in . I don't know what to do!!!!!! He just won't EAT!!!!!!! I really don't know what to do. How do I take care of him/her I don't know if it's a girl or a boy, I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dO THY DRINK ANYTHING???

turtlefreak, TX | (none)
Red ear slider make nice pets and eat turtle pet food from the pet store.

Amy, NJ | (none)
Shiny, metallic, gold spots have been showing up all over my male RES turtle's shell. My turtle seems to be perfectly healthy and has a nice strong shell. Does anyone know what these spots are?

Aaron, TX | (none)
I need to now if my turtle is a boy or girl 'how old it is , can you paint it's shell ;and what kind of paint

damian, VA | (none)
i have had my three red ear sliders for about 4 years now, for the past six months or so the male jumps on the girl, now my question is, is there any way to tell if a turtle is going to lay eggs? thanks

Analesia, NY | (none)
i found a snap turtle but guess what it snapped me so i was wondering how do i train it to not snap people because he is a really wonderful turtle his name is...max he is a brown turtle and i found at my camp jaguar we almost ran over the poor thing and i screamed stop and i picked up the turtle and i named it max and i as wondering do turtles eat leaves what do they eat?

miranda, CA | (none)
how do you tell the difference between male and female western pond turtles.

Trtl Grl, CA | (none)
booboo, your turtle doesn't need a leash. Just let her go in the yard and watch her. She'll be fine as long as u contain any other animals u may have.

Taylor, FL | (none)
I have two red ear slider turtles. The one I got first is not eating now. what do I do?

Capri, IL | (none)
I once held a sea turtle and I named him shellie!!

jeneca, IN | (none)
i need help with a baby king turtle my friends dad gave me.

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