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Tie Dye Milk

tatiana, NJ | (none)
it is so cool! i could do this everyday.my results were that the colors swirled around my cup then it looked like a rainbow!!!!!

namiss lori, MA | (none)
i tie dye my milk to red my mom thicks i have blood in my milk hahaha

Taraindence, AL | (none)
Hi-ya im fresh here. I came accross this chat board I find It extremely accommodating and its helped me out alot. I should be able to give something back and assist other people like it has helped me. Thanks, Catch You Later

bekki, ID | (none)
it was cool

bekki, ID | (none)
it was awsome it was changing colors me and tati are doing a project together

Sarah, TX | (none)
can any1 tell me HOW exactly u do this? because i have science fair coming up, and i think this project is good i just dont know what i'm supposed to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARLO!, AB | (none)
the more FAT there is the more light there is

brandi, texas | (none)
i used red,green, and blue with a little dash of yellow.it turned out like a rainbow because i put the milk in after my colors on the plat. it was awesome!!!

tristan, NC | (none)
I used a toothpick and if you tap it in the center of the milk you get little fat balls that roll on top of the milk

Monica, NC | (none)
Our results looked like rings of all the different colors we used. My question is why and how did the individual colors separate?

kelbie, TX | (none)
the colors began to dritf into the milk. They had begun the go into a circular motion. Next a very very thin film that looked like a shiny,crystal,but milky substance. this project taught me that when you mix to common substances together you end up with something totally diffrent then what you started out with.things like physcial changes happen such as, color because they blend, form because it can run to any direction.

yaireth, | (none)
this is cool science how they colors moved to they edges when i put they soap on they milk.

jennifer, MO | (none)
we put in the q-tip with dish soap on it and it all went to the sides of the plate.

K.C., TX | (none)
I used 2% milk beacuse we don't have whole milk.Also I used my finger. I put red, blue, orange, and green dye. When I put the dish soap in it turned into a star shape.

Emily, HI | (none)
it looks like a stick swireled it around in a circle around and around...it looks cool...i love scienceand monkeys...and pigs

Lizzy, GA | (none)
When I added colors, they mixed and blended.

Taylor and Tarna, GA | (none)
In the whole milk, the colors spread and mixed. In the 2%, the colors looked like my tye dye shirt because they overlapped instead of mixing.

aylin, ID | (none)
don't know its wierd

brianna, IA | (none)
my whole milk looked like spin art it was really kewl i didn't think it would even work

Tim, NY | (none)
It looked like a tye dye shirt on a plate!

Bailey, MI | (none)
I think it looked really cool.It really did look like a tee-shirt.

Micajah (Mu KI uh), NC | (none)
As a family, we put our q-tips together, then at the same time touched then into the milk. I was cool, the colors went out in a start shape!

James, | (none)
When you add the soap droplet to the milk, the soap changes a property of the milk called surface tension. When the surface tension breaks, the food color droplets can spread throughout the milk making a swirly pattern of many colors.

meagan, TN | (none)
It was awsome it turned so many colors. It looked like a bunch of colors mixed like a rainbow on a T-shirt!!!

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