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Super Bubble

McKenzie, TX | (none)
Hi I'm McKenzie my bubble was 8 inch's long and i used dish soap 1 cup of water shampoo and 1tsp of sugar.

Taraindence, AL | (none)
Heya im new to this. I hit upon this chat board I find It quite useful & it has helped me so much. I should be able to give something back & aid others like its helped me. Thank You, See Ya Around

lgovertherange.scott, AL | (none)
Hi, I am scott.This is my first .lol..:D

sierra, KY | (none)
I had made a bubble on 01/17/10 it was green and yellow it was pretty big!I made it out of hair,orange juce, water,Green Tea,and glitter.THXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ME NINE

pochie and pancake, MX | (none)
hi i cant find anything kool

bob, IL | (none)
i got over 6 inches!

Phoebe, PA | (none)
I want a marble machine for me to play.

Maya, | (none)
myne was 100/1000 ps it fit my whole house when it popped there was so much water,:)my mom had to wipe it all up

delaney, MI | (none)
mine got to 27 inched across!

Cortney, MI | (none)
My biggest bubble was 8 1/2 inches long.

Cortney, MI | (none)
My results where that the bubble. My biggest bubble was 8 1/2 inches long.

Hailey, CA | (none)
It was so big thatIpoked my nose.

Patrick, | (none)
My bubble was 24 inches long and I only used water and soap!

Patrick, | (none)
My results were 14 inches across using vegetable oil!

ASHWIN, FL | (none)

Jade, FL | (none)
i got a bubble 20 feet ! long and 1 handspans ! long my ingredients are mint suger pepper and jelly

josh, PA | (none)
i used hand soap and got a 12 inch bubble

omar, OH | (none)

Abigail, KY | (none)
My bubble was 9/1 inches And i used glitter shower gel,shampoo,and hand soap and I am almost 9

justine, PA | (none)
16 inches

jhon, | (none)
1 foot

sunil , CA | (none)
imade my buble with shampoo soap andred glitter

nitin, PA | (none)
my buble was 10/45. then my buble got in my dad eye!

ilisabith, | (none)
i made a bubble 33cetumederslog

samantha, FL | (none)
i made the bubble so big that it exploded and it took a week to clean up all of the bubbles mess!

hope, FL | (none)
i got the bubble 15 inches across!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i used shampoo, bubble soap, hand soap, and some conditioner

joshua, CA | (none)
my bubble was 9 inches long.

katia 8 yers old, NY | (none)
mine was like more than 6 inches across.

vanessa, TX | (none)
my results were 6 1/2 glue sowda powder

jessica, FL | (none)
it was about 10 a half thats pretty big :)

Tiny, NV | (none)
my bubble was 18 inches.My ingredients are dish washing soap,water,and deterdient.I uesdtinfoil that lookedlike a funnel.:]

angel, TX | (none)
it was like 10 1/2

Talia, MI | (none)
My secret ingredent was milk,my bubble was 8 1/2 in. long. Talk About Miricle bubbles!!

Francis, NC | (none)
8 in

lety, CA | (none)
it was good but it didnt work

Tiffany, | (none)
I Made it as big as my kitten.I usedDove shaampoo,gel,super glue,and soap.

Karina, NE | (none)
I blew a bubble with sugar free gum and it was 3 1/2 inches wide!!

tiffany li, NY | (none)
it relly cool to made it in the summer.

mckelle, UT | (none)
my best

Hezekiah, MN | (none)
I got my bubble 7 inches big I youst a tobu.

angelica, CA | (none)
I made a special recipe out of shampoo,hand soap,glitter shower gel,and glitter glue. Then,i used my hands to make the bobbles was 6 1/2 inches across!

peyton, NJ | (none)
i used hand sope and i made bubbl it was8 3/4

lindsay, NC | (none)
hey have i got some news for youi just blew a bubbleabout 20inches or more

elsi, | (none)
my bubble was6 18inches across.i used my special shampoo as my special.

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